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Since 1983 we have been providing a wide and varied array of products to a diverse range of clients in the cleaning and building conservation services. We have become renowned for developing specific solutions for its customer's individual needs. Here at Conservation Technology, we only employ highly trained staff that have at least 5 years of experience in the areas they are certified for in their particular tasks.

In short, we're seeking perfection. Our goal is a complete professional service that delivers on time and is professional throughout the period of the project.

Please come visit us on Davitt Road for an informative chat about all about the right solution for your inquiry with our in-office team of Peter Kelly, Gerry Kelly, Leonardo Kelly and Leslie Brooks

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Conservation Technology is the main agent in Ireland for Remmers, the largest worldwide manufacturer of materials to restore period buildings, namely, restoration mortars, repair mortars, brick repair, breathable sealers, poultices, paint removers, damp proofing systems and so forth. We stock a low-impact form of media based cleaning which is a gentle form of cleaning stonework.


We stock cleaning chemicals and detergents for all types of stone, steel, stainless steel and protection systems to protect against graffiti, chewing gum and staining of stonework. Our floor coating systems include hi-build epoxy, chemical resistant, anti-slip and decorative systems for use in factory, warehouse, car park and highly trafficked environments. 


We also stock Natural Hydraulic lime which is a pure, natural and unblended lime, which gives it full breathability and vapour permeability, great flexibility, minimal shrinkage and most importantly, stability over time. To complement this we stock Earthborn Eco Paints and Natural Varnishes. This is Ireland’s only paint which is accredited with the EU “Eco-label” as it is breathable, environmentally friendly and an ecologically natural paint.


In the area of high and ultra high-pressure water jetting we supply a service of water jetting systems ranging from 1,250 psi up to 40,000 psi. Our sales team allow us to service the needs of companies for simple pressure units for small cleaning projects up to units to carry out hydro demolition, concrete cutting and surface preparation with water.

Our staff is experienced in both technical and practical applications of all our products and we run open-days and courses on a regular basis.

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