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Façade Paints

Coating systems for Façades - perfect protection always, be it classic or modern


Façade paints not only serve the colour design of the building but also its protection. The main task is to keep moisture and therefore contaminants away from the building and at the same time maintaining an adequate level of breathability. These can be achieved with different paint types.

There is a myth surrounding classic silicate or mineral paints like Remmers Color SH (Silicate Paint D) that they allow excellent design and are indestructible. The reason for this is the mineralogical binding agent ‘water glass’ and the numerous applications on outstanding architectural monuments, in particular early modern structures.

The outstanding properties of silicone resin paints like Remmers Color LA (Silicone Resin Paint LA) are largely due to its micro-porous structure. This is shown in its characteristic values. A diffusion resistance coefficient of around 150 is reached. This corresponds to an sd-value that is much lower than 0.10 m and corresponds to the usual single-component silicate paints. At the same time, the capillary water uptake of these paints is extremely low. This means that these paints are like ‘Gore-Tex’ on the exterior render. What makes outdoor clothing optimal is also perfect for the façade. The same properties are also available in the scumble system: Remmers Color LA Fill Historic (Historic Grout Scumble) and Color LA Historic (Historic Scumble).

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Our Products

Color LA.jpg

Color LA

"True" silicone resin paint with film preservative for surfaces at risk of infestation with algae or fungi

Color PA.jpg

Color PA

High-quality, pure acrylate facade paint

Color Flex.jpg

Color Flex

Highly elastic facade coating

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