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Contec USP-705 | Rust Remover
Contec USP-705 Rust Remover is a concentrated detergent/acid pre-treatment for the removal of rust and metal oxide deposits from deteriorated surfaces.
Contec USP-705 Rust Remover is ideally suited for the daily cleaning of tiled, porcelain stoneware, granite worktops and marble surfaces.
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25Ltr | 5Ltr | 1Ltr 
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​A powerful surface treatment that outperforms standard products, concentrated, odourless, with no need to rinse. Fast-acting, powerful degreasing and etching properties. Water-based, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly and bio-degradable
Highly versatile: effective against all types of rust and metal oxide deposits and will remove grout blooms. Ready & easy to use, no need to pH neutralize after rinsing and does not alter the aesthetic of the treated surface.

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