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Color LA | Silicone Resin Paint LA
Pigmented silicone resin emulsion paint. Coating contains a film preservative to protect surfaces at risk of infestation with alga or fungi

Because of its characteristics, Remmers Silicone Resin Paint LA is used as a water repelling, highly water vapour permeable protective coating for cementitious building materials, especially in combination with Remmers Impregnation Primer. Because it can also be formulated as a scumble and because of its mineral-like character, Silicone Resin Paint LA is especially suitable for use on natural stone - a most difficult coating substrate - in historical monument protection areas.

Silicone Resin Paint LA can also be used as a restoration coating on load-bearing silicate, silicone and matt, weathered dispersion coatings, synthetic resin renders and functioning, bonded heat insulation systems. It is not suitable for use on plastic, thermoplastic and elastic coating systems.
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