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Color Flex | Elastoflex
Highly elastic facade coating
■ Facades and concrete surfaces
■ Surface protection system for concrete building elements in accordance with DIN EN       1504
   / DIN V 18026 according to class OS 5a (OS-DII)
   Remmers OS-DII / OS 5a System:
   Betofix Fill (Betofix Filler) + Color Flex (Elastoflex Facade Paint)
   Remmers OS-DII / OS 5a System:
   Color PA Fill (OS Concre-Fill) + Color Flex (Elastoflex Facade Paint)
■ Load-bearing, adhering old coatings on a mineral or synthetic resin base
■ Cracked facade surfaces
■ Cement-bound, mineral renders (DIN V 18550) P II and P III with a compressive               strength > 7 N/mm2
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