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HeliFix Crack Stitching Kit | Structural Repair

Helifix Crack Stitching repairs and stabilizes cracked masonry using helical stainless steel HeliBars bonded into cut slots with HeliBond grout for a quick, simple, effective and permanent solution.

Cracked masonry is best stabilized by bonding HeliBar (helical stainless steel bars) into appropriate bed joints or cut slots, in bricks, blocks or stonework with HeliBond cementitious grout. Tensile loads are redistributed along the masonry to minimize further developments of the crack which may occur with simple injection methods.

Safety Data Sheet
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  • Available diameters – 6mm (or 4.5mm for thin mortar joints).

  • Length: Cut lengths up to 80″.

  • Material – Austenitic stainless steel Grade 304 or 316.

  • Vertical spacing – Every 4-6 brick courses (12″-18″).

  • Depth of slot – Single skin/cavity wall 1″- 1¼” Solid wall 1″-1½ ".


  • HeliBar

  • HeliBond cementitious grout

  • Mixing paddle

  • Applicator with fitted applicator nozzle

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