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Strip Away LV | Paint Removal
STRIP AWAY LV is an environmentally safer paint remover that does not contain Methylene Chloride or Caustic but is a water-based emulsion of low VOC solvents which will remove oil-based alkyd and latex-based paints, polyurethanes, varnish, shellac and most types of commercially available coatings. It has a very low rate of evaporation and a high level of biodegradability and as a result requires a little more time to work than the more aggressive chemical removers. The product is a viscous, gel-like non-slump paste, ideal for use on most elevations and carved features in areas where limited ventilation may be restrictive for the use of other paint remover types.
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  • Brush or trowel applied

  • Safely removes marine paint from fibreglass

  • Low odour, non-caustic paste

  • Will not discolour base timber

  • Does not require surface neutralisation

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