Synthetic Flooring Systems

Industrial Flooring

Industrial floors - floors for various environments

Industrial floor systems can be found in all major sectors. That is why we, along with our experienced partners, have been providing support to a wide range of industrial sectors from automobile or mechanical engineering through to pharamceutical and other industrial sectors where floors need to keep what they promise and meet certain criterias.

An important success factor is the durability of an industrial floor. The most common mechanical loads to which floors are exposed are: traffic, impact, abrasion or point loads. This is why floor systems need to be specifically selected and applied for the individual loads.

In addition, chemical resistance is becoming increasingly important loads with respect to the stricter ground and water pollution control regulations (WHG § 62/63). Numerous chemicals are used in industrial applications and these can impact heavily on the floor substrate. These include oils, greases, fuels and soluble salts through to various alkalis, very caustic acids and aggressive cleaning agents. The concentration of chemicals in combination with the temperature conditions create a base for selecting the optimum industrial floor.

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Our Products

BS 2000.jpg

Epoxy BS 2000

Pigmented, water-based primer

BS 2000 Clear.jpg

Epoxy BS 2000 Clear

Water-based impregnation agent and primer

BS 3000.jpg

Epoxy BS 3000

Water-based, pigmented, Silk-Gloss Sealant or Matt Sealant

Epoxy Flex PH.jpg

Epoxy Flex PH

Pigmented, self-levelling coating

FAS 100.jpg

Epoxy FAS 100

Special, substrate-tolerant primer

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