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iQ Therm

Breathable Insulation

iQ-Therm offers a unique combination of application security of proven capillary-active calcium silicate materials and the excellent heat insulation performance of organic foams. A pleasant room climate and safe protection against mould infestation is guaranteed in the full system thanks to a moisture-buffering absorption layer and the humidity control.


  • Excellent insulation properties (λ = 0.031 W/mK)

  • Highly capillary-active and therefore 100% protected against moisture and mould

  • Humidity control ensures a pleasant indoor climate

  • Reduces the heating costs clearly and permanently

  • Can be used in all buildings and living rooms without changing the appearance of the façade

  • Extremely low installation height, can be used simply and in parts

  • Positive ecological footprint tested by the Institute for Building and Environment


iQ-Therm - Intelligence pays off

Real estate stands for financial stability. The value of this asset is increased by heat insulation measures. Also, the measures aimed at improving the thermal insulation represent direct energy-saving potential - heating costs are reduced. Investing in heat insulation measures is worthwhile! Especially if restoration is combined with upcoming renovation work.

If conversion, repair or modernisation work is due, the additional costs for internal wall insulation with iQ-Therm within the overall work is approx. 50% compared to conventional renovation work.

According to the Federal Bureau of Statistics, energy prices rose by more than 40% between 2000 and 2010. Anyone who wants to save effectively should opt for professional insulation to reduce energy consumption.

The final report by the Federal Bureau of Statistics date November 2016 stated the following: “Compared to the base year 2010, private households have had to pay about a quarter more for energy last year and this year. The end consumer price has more than doubled since the turn of the millennium.”


Mould fungi contamination in buildings is one of the most frequent environmental problems in interior spaces. Micro organ- isms such as fungi and bacteria are ubiquitous and are an important and natural part of our environment. But if they appear as mould contamination on a wall they quickly become a nuisance and a problem.


What causes mould growth?

Mould growth is often caused by an increased level of humidity within the building material or on its surface. Be- sides damp walls due to an insufficient protection against driving rain or rising damp, another very frequent contributing factor is given by the insufficient insulation standards in old buildings combined with the concurrent reduction of air exchange rate due to constructional modifications. Often new windows are installed without anything done to improve the insulation of the external walls of the building. This can lead to an increase of the moisture content on the wall surface and the consequent arising of mould growth.This does not even require the presence of actual condensation: air humidity levels of approx. 70 % are already sufficient. 


Mould prevention with ecological restoration panels:

To prevent the formation of mould, rooms should be regularly aired to regulate air moisture. It should also be made sure that the minimum heat insulation needed for a healthy environment is ensured in every place of the room. Relative air humidity must not rise above 70 %, the surface temperature on the walls must be at least 12.6 °C. This kind of room climate can be achieved and maintained through various measures, for example with special mould restoration panels. Eco-friendly mould restoration systems in particular are becoming ever more important in this context. This is why Remmers has developed the innovative Power Protect System, which satisfies its [eco] aspirations and allows it to offer a completely new system based on mould restoration panels of the highest quality: ecofriendly, sustainable and with durable protection against health-hazardous mould growth.


How does Remmers Power Protect work?

The Remmers Protect System combines different hydrothermal material properties. It solves moisture problems (such as condensate formation and moisture penetration from the outside) by increasing the speed with which moisture is transported to the inside of the room and accelerating evaporation. The surface is kept durably dry, thus depriving mould spores of the habitat they need to grow.

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