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iQ Therm - Intelligent Interior Insulation

Capillary Active System with the Highest Insulation Value (λ = 0.031 W/mK)


iQ Therm, the intelligent interior wall insulation system developed by Remmers, combines active capillarity, high thermal insulation and regulation of moisture in the air, all in one system. 

The iQ Therm system provides a unique combination of the reliability of proven active capillary calcium silicate materials, with high thermal insulation capacity of organic foams. Through the moisture buffering absorption layer, additional regulation of moisture in the air is provided throughout the entire façade  structure a comfortable room climate and reliable protection against damp and infestation with mould. 

The iQ Therm Principle:

To achieve these multiple advantages and meet multi-functional requirements with the iQ-Therm system, holes are made at regular intervals, perpendicular to the surface in highly insulating polyurethane foam panels. These holes are filled at the factory with a special, highly capillary-active, mineral material. The panels are then effectively coupled to the surface of the interior wall using a fully compatible bedding and bonding mortar, which is rendered over with a pore-filled, lightweight mortar, 10 to 15mm thick. This forms the moisture buffering absorption layer with additional insulation properties. 

Layer 3.png

Moisture from dew point condensation

between warm and cold air.

Layer 4.png

Moisture penetration from the exterior,

e.g. through driving rain.

Layer 5.png

Transport of moisture (capillary movement) towards the interior (room) side and moisture regulating evaporation from the internal surface. 


Mould-free and heat-insulating

iQ-Therm combines the benefits of highly efficient, organic insulating material, with the absorbent properties of a mineral mortar. iQ-Therm is streamlined, moisture regulating and highly heat-insulating, which makes it our most powerful mould restoration system. To avoid mould infestation, the so-called ‘Hygienic minimum heat insulation’ needs to be created at every point on indoor surfaces, i.e. according to the definition of the DIN 4108, the indoor minimum surface temperature must be at least 12.6°C and the relative humidity on the wall surface may not exceed 70%. Mould infestation growth is no longer possible with iQ-Therm. The moisture that is responsible for mould infestation is absorbed by the capillarity of the system where it is stored temporarily before being dissipated again quickly and effectively when the humidity is low. Specific points of moisture near heat bridges can be practically ruled out with iQ-Therm. Perfect mould restoration comprises iQ-Therm boards that are just 30/50/80 mm thick and the highly capillary-conductive special filler iQ-Top. The result is reliable hygienic minimum heat protection in a streamlined form and a clearly improved living quality.

iQ-Therm System  – Step by Step Guide


1. Preliminary works

All mineral building materials, with exception of gypsum, are permissible. The substrate must be dry, free of dust and any other materials that could interfere with adhesion. 



2. iQ-Fix

After substrate has been properly prepared, iQ Fix is applied to the entire surface of the wall with a suitable toothed trowel. 



3. iQ-Fix & iQ-Therm Board

Immediately after iQ Fix has been applied to the wall, the backs of the iQ Therm panels are also coated with iQ Fix. To mount the panels without voids in the mortar, the iQ Fix should be applied using toothed trowels vertically and horizontally on the panels and the wall. 


4. iQ-Therm

The iQ Therm panels are pressed into the fresh, full surface adhesive mortar bed and aligned as necessary, staggering the cross joints. The panels should be cut to fit at opening and penetrations! 



5. iQ-Top

iQ Top is applied as reinforcement and a finished render to the iQ Therm panels in a layers that is approx. 5 - 10 mm thick, using a toothed trowel (10/12) and cross-hatching whilst still fresh. 



6. iQ-Tex 

The reinforcement fabric iQ Tex is worked in the mortar layer in vertical lane with a float avoiding creases (the single lane must overlap for at least 10 cm).


7. iQ-Top

After the fabric has been worked in, the surface is immediately levelled with iQ Top surface filler. This second layer of iQ Top is applied wet-on-wet and the total thickness should not exceed 20mm. 



8. iQ-Fill Q4 

To create a fine, closed surface ready for painting, iQ Top can be finished with iQ Fill Q4 - a mineral based, capillary active surface filler. One layer is applied which should not be thicker than 2mm. 


9. Painting in the desired colour

Remmers iQ-Paint (Color Si) and  other breathable paints we supply l(Earthborn Clay Paints) can be used to beautiful colours to the wall. 


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