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Tenax Solido | Tenax
Thixotropic glue with high viscosity suitable to glue and to fix marbles, onyx and stone in vertical. We suggest this glue in a very hot country or when it’s necessary the high thixotropic aspect which permits the usage in vertical. The hard product is well dry, very polish able and grindable in a very short time. The reactivity is very good in cold condition too.
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The product has low shrinkage, good adhesion in many stones and engineered stones. Excellent the shelf life. Low % of styrene.

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Tenax Solido .jpg

Tenax Solido

Thixotropic glue with high viscosity suitable to glue and to fix marbles, onix and stone in vertical.

Tenax Tefill Kit.jpg

Tenax Tefill Kit

An adhesive with chemical composition based on cyanoacrylate with activator and it was developed to glue and repair materials like natural stone, marble, granite, quartz and ceramic.


Tenax Hardener

Tenax Hardener Extra White Paste Tube

Tenax Flowing Liquid .jpg

Tenax Flowing Liquid 

Transparent Liquid glue used and repair in horizontal marble and similar stone. 

Akemi Tenax Cleaner.jpg

Tenax Akemi Cleaner 

Akemi Cleaner is an alcohol-based solvent-based cleaner.

Tenax Domo .jpg

Tenax Domo 10

Epoxy glue bi-component. The product is produced in a special cartridge and a mixer which allows the correct extrusion of the product very easily.

Tenax Colour Dies .jpg

Tenax Universal Colour Set

The Universal colour paste is a colouring paste for all the polyester and epoxy mastics and systems. The product is a soft paste very easy to mix with the different glues.

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