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Container Size:
Approx Coverage:
0.01 – 0.05 ml/m²
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Clean SL (Traffic Film Remover) | Remmers
Surfactant solution for removing grime, dirt incrustation, dust, oil and grease deposits
■ Removing grime, dirt incrustation, dust, oil and grease deposits
■ Mineral substrates
■ Floors and walls

Related Products

Deep Kleen .jpg

Deep Kleen

Deep Kleen is a caustic based, medium duty, alkaline sanitizing cleaner. It has been specially designed for use in the food processing and agricultural industries.

Quick Clean .jpg

Quick Clean

Quick Clean is a concentrated, alkaline, low odour, non-caustic, anti-static cleaning and degreasing agent for hard surfaces.
Quick Clean has a rapi~ wipe off cleaning effect and is totally phosphate free.

Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate .jpg

A non caustic alkaline cleaner used for the routine cleaning of all types of hard surfaces. Ideal for the removal of light oil on industrial machinery and workshop floors.

BFA .jpg


Bactericidal, fungicidal and algicidal combination product for
cleaning and priming building materials with and at risk of green

Clean SL.jpg

Clean SL (TFR)

Surfactant solution for removing grime, dirt incrustation, dust, oil and grease deposits

Clean WR.jpg

Clean WR

Acidic cleaner Removes heavy urban soiling (soot, dust, industrial dirt, etc.)

HD 400 S.png

HD400 S

It is not viscous like HD400, with care it can be applied by spray. It is a special formulation for the breaking down and removal of black carbon dirt, oils and greases from any masonry surface.

SC 100.jpg


SC100 is a acid cleaner for the removal of carbon dirt and grime from sandstone, unpolished granite, brick and terracotta. It will also  remove iron stains from masonry.

YB 300.jpg


YB-300 is primarily a yellow brick stock cleaner, it reduces the tendency for residual, adverse dark stain marks which can result if other HF based chemicals are used

Aluminium Cleaner.jpg


Gleam All is a blend of acids and powerful surface active agents which have been specifically designed for the cleaning and polishing of aluminium fabrications

Contec-USP 705 Rust Remover.jpg

Rust Remover

Rust Remover is a concentrated detergent/acid pre-treatment for the removal of rust and metal oxide deposits from deteriorated surfaces.

USP 100 Contec.png

Impregnation Treatment


USP 100 is a non-film forming, impregnating aqueous fluoropolymer dispersion


Light Duty Restoration Cleaner

Removes difficult calcium (concrete) stains, white scum and other staining from most window glass.


Vana Trol

Concentrated acidic cleaner for new masonry surfaces that are subject to vanadium, manganese and other metallic stains.

Deep Kleen Plus.jpg

Deep Kleen Plus

Deep Kleen Plus is a caustic based, heavy duty, alkaline sanitizing cleaner. It has been specially designed for use in the food processing and agricultural industries for the removal of animal fats and proteins.

Standard Non-Caustic TFR.jpg

Standard Non Caustic TFR

Standard Non-Caustic T.F.R. is a non-caustic alkaline cleaner designed for the use of routine cleaning of all types of decorative paintwork.

Adolit Woodworm.jpg

Water-based wood preservative for infestation control with long-lasting results

Clean Galena .jpg

Cleaner for emission-free cleaning of mineral surfaces

Oil & Grease.jpg

Oil & Grease Remover

Remmers Grease & Grime Re-mover is an alkaline cleaning agent for the removal of grease, oil, printing ink, soot, wax, ink and other stubborn soiling.

Clean AC.jpg

Clean AC

Acidic cleaner (powder) Removing mortar residues and lime and cement films.

LC 500.jpg

LC500 is used to clean dirt, hydrocarbon and sulphurous deposits off limestone, marble and precast concrete.

BT 200.jpg


BT-200 is a cleaner formulated for the removal of dirt, carbon, algae and rust stains from brick work and terracotta.

New Bowl.png

New Bowl

Heavy-duty descaler for bathrooms and changing rooms. Great for cleaning toilets and urinals. 

Contec-USP Surface Reviver.jpg

Surface Reviver

Surface Reviver is a high performance cleaner designed to remove organic & microbiological contaminants from porous surfaces such as stone, cement, tarmac etc

Contec-USP 800 Efflourences Remover.jpg


Efflorescence Remover removes cement, concrete and mineral deposits by de-structuring cement
and mineral deposits on all substrates.


766 Limestone & Masonry Prewash

When used properly, the prewash dissolves and assists in removing heavy carbon encrustations from brick, terra cotta, sandstone, limestone and most other masonry.


Limestone & Masonry Afterwash

When used properly, this two-part cleaning system removes heavy carbon, dirt and other atmospheric stains from porous limestone, concrete and most other porous masonry surfaces.

Bio Kleen.jpg

Bio Kleen

Safe to use on aluminum, galvanized metal, stainless steel and plastic. Cleans and sanitizes food processing equipment. Safe to use on food transport vehicles.

Tilt Cleaner.jpg

Tilt Cleaner

Tilt Cleaner is a fast acting versatile cleaner developed for the road transport industry as a heavy soil and traffic film remover, for those jobs where the use of a strong alkaline detergent is required.

Adolit M Masonry .jpg

Liquid preservative concentrate for preventing dry rot in masonry work


Solvent-free, film-forming peel-off paste for water-free removal of dust, soot and other impurities

Clean FP .jpg

Cleaning paste for removing urban dirt

HD 400.jpg


A special formulation for the breaking down and removal of black carbon dirt, oils and greases from any masonry surface.

Inta 40.jpg


INTA 40 is used for the removal of efflorescent salts, cement and mortar stains from the surface of brick and sandstone.

RS 250.jpg


RC-250 has been specially formulated for use on heavy duty soiled red sandstone, instead of SC100

Algae Rem.jpg


Algae Rem will kill all living organisms, mildews, algae and spores on the masonry surface. It does not clean dirty masonry.

Contec-USP 400 Concrete Remover.jpg

Concrete Remover

Concrete Remover is for removing cement contamination from a wide range of substrates. It is formulated to clean concrete mixers, pumps and GRC moulds, cement silos, associated plant and tools.

Contec-USP 400 Colour Enhancer.jpg

Colour Enhancer

Colour Enhancer is an aqueous fluoropolymer dispersion which enhances the colour of natural stone and porous building substrates.


Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner

Heavy Duty Restoration Cleaner dissolves heavy carbon and many other stains commonly found on masonry buildings in highly polluted areas.


Safety Klean


Safety Klean is an effective, safe alternative to acidic compounds for cleaning brick, tile and concrete surfaces.

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