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Standard Non-Caustic TFR | IRTS
Standard Non-Caustic T.F.R. is a non-caustic alkaline cleaner designed for the use of routine cleaning of all types of decorative paintwork.
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Standard Non-Caustic T.F.R. is designed to clean and remove traffic film from all types of vehicle exteriors without damaging paintwork. It can also be used for the removal of light oil from industrial machinery.

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Deep Kleen .jpg

Deep Kleen

Multi-functional building waterproofing Combines the properties of flexible and crack-bridging mineral waterproofing grouts

Standard Non-Caustic TFR.jpg

Non-Caustic TFF

For subsequent cellar waterproofing from the interior against ground damp, non-standing or standing seepage water, water pressure and water acting from behind

Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate .jpg

Hard Surface Cleaner Concentrate

For hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, cementitious building materials such as brick, clinker, sand-lime .Etc.

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Clean FP

WTA-compliant restoration plaster for masonry with moisture and salt loads

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High-quality, premium sealing tape based on nitrile rubber and coated with non-woven fabric

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Deep Kleen Plus

Primer for MB 2K 

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Quick Clean

Waterproofing mortar in a grouting and filling consistence for fast and reliable waterproofing of buildings

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Clean SL (TFR)

Used for treating mineral building materials 

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Clean WR

Highly flexible 2K PU injection resin, D-I (P)

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Oil & Grease

Clear, hydrophobising impregnation agent on a silane/siloxane base for limestone

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Tilt Cleaner

Used for horizontal barriers against rising damp

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Bio Kleen

For levelling deeper lying joints and rough surfaces in masonry work

Clean AC.jpg

Clean AC

Aqueous deep primer with strengthening and hydrophobising properties

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Clean Galena 

Flexible, moisture-reactive 1K PU injection resin, D-I (P)

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