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At the international FARBE trade fair in 1984, as a pioneer to the professional world, we presented the first CHC-free paint stripper in Europe. Since then, facade paints, wall paints, varnishes, adhesives and 2K coatings have been removed with Scheidel paint strippers on thousands of square meters in Germany and internationally. The tried and tested gel products have been continuously developed in terms of their application and environmental friendliness - with ever better effects.

When paint, varnish and plaster have to be removed, every situation is different. Be it the type of coatings, temperatures or the sensitivity of the substrate. Professional stripping is complex - but we are always at your side!
1. Product selection and test areas

Have you made a preselection using the application table or our app? Then create test areas on the object. Use our practical paint stripper system bag for this(Item No. 286). Use a plasterer trowel to pull on the paint stripper and observe the removal process at defined time intervals. Depending on the type and thickness of the coating to be removed and the ambient temperature, the layers are dissolved at different speeds. This can take a few minutes or more than 12 hours. Simple paint coatings, such as a dispersion coating on the facade or in the interior, are dissolved within an hour at 20 degrees. Likewise, simple glaze coats or paintwork on wood or metal. The more inhomogeneous the coating structure to be removed, the lower the temperature and the higher the degree of crosslinking, the longer the required exposure time.
2. How to apply paint stripper correctly

Different methods are available to you, depending on the property conditions. These are precisely described for each product in our technical information. Whether using the airless spray method, with a brush or eaves - everything is possible.

However, one point must always be kept in mind: only if the paint stripper is applied sufficiently thickly can several layers be removed at once. The colours are penetrated, the binding agent system destroyed, the adhesion loosened. The coating build-up can now be easily removed. The subsurface is not changed. Wood becomes natural again, mineral subsoil is clean down to the pores. The coating dissolves in flatbreads depending on the type. Calculate at least 100 ml / m. Per layer to be removed, plus use of material for any spray losses or rework.
3. When the stripper has to go down

Always remove the loosened paint and varnish layers at the optimal loosening point. This is achieved when the coating is soft. Do not leave the dissolved colours on the surface for an unnecessarily long time, as this can lead to odour problems.
4. Stripping in rooms

With the new Scheidel paint stripping pastes Drystrip Allround and Drystrip Alkalisch , paint strippers with a maximum odour reduction are now available. When using other Scheidel gel paint strippers, the use of technical ventilation is recommended if necessary. Nowadays the devices are inexpensive and easy to use. This is how you protect yourself and local residents. Please note the information in our technical information and safety data sheets.
5. How to remove the paint stripper with the coating

Depending on the application conditions, loosened coatings can be removed with a hot water high-pressure cleaner or manually with a spatula or scraper. If you work manually, wash the surfaces immediately with Scheidel UltraFix intensive cleaning concentrate (1: 3 to 1:10) diluted with water , then wash again with clear water. This is the only way to get a really clean surface.

Our Products

Strip Away.jpg

Strip Away

 This system has a proven record in applications such as ornate wrought ironwork, decorative architectural and plaster mouldings, and carved woodwork or stone facades.

Strip Away LV.jpg

Strip Away LV

Strip Away LV is a viscous, gel-like non-slump paste, ideal for use on most elevations and carved features in areas where limited ventilation may be restrictive for the use of other paint remover types.



Alkali-free stripping agent, removes graffiti and paint



Very universal, mild odour, intensive dissolving power, easy processing for brushing, spraying or rolling


SG 94

Very universal, mild odour, intensive dissolving power, easy processing for brushing, spraying or rolling



Caution: highly flammable, small-area processing. Very quick dissolving behaviour.



Water-based, works through alcohol and acids, strong dissolving behaviour.



Mild odour, sustainable and intensive dissolving power.

Drystrip Allround.jpg


Very low-odor paint stripper, binds loosened paint and varnish layers in paste form, making stripping possible without smearing.



Pasty, mild, quick and intensive dissolving power.

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