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Multi-functional building waterproofing

Remmers MB 2K - The best waterproofer on the market

MB 2K - The genius among reactive sealants

MB 2K is the genius among multifunctional building sealants from Remmers. The well-known properties of this all-rounder have been continuously improved in recent years. In addition to unbeatable crack bridging with the lowest layer thicknesses and extremely short drying times, MB 2K can also be applied using all common techniques.

Multi-functional building waterproofing

The genius of multi-functional building waterproofing makes application easy – whether by spreading, spraying or as a slurry. The unique benefits of MB 2K deliver unbeatable premium quality.

  • Application rate approx. 1.1 kg/m² per mm dry layer thickness

  • Highly flexible and ductile

  • High adhesive pull strength on virtually all substrates

  • Extreme compression resistance

  • Can be coated over

  • UV-resistant

  • Resistant to frost and de-icing salts

Very efficient

A particularly effective application method for Remmers MB 2K is spraying. With suitable machine technology, spraying is a cost-effective alternative to manual application for surfaces starting from just 40 to 50 m². The components of Remmers MB 2K are pre-packaged in a 1:1 ratio, significantly reducing the amount of work needed on the building site and further increasing the application efficiency. And for smaller projects, the 3:3 pre-packaged variant is the ideal solution. Whether you are waterproofing a wall base, embedding joint tape or similar, with this package size you can avoid wasting valuable material.

Spraying, filling, slurrying

The multi-functional capabilities of Remmers MB 2K shine through even during application. Users who opt for a manual method can apply the product by spreading, as a slurry, or even with a roller.

Application as a slurry is recommended for difficult-to-reach transition areas and small spaces, such as wall positioning areas or along wall bases. On larger surfaces, we recommend applying by spreading. With low dripping losses and high stability, this material is exceptionally efficient.


The crack-bridging ability of MB 2K is five times greater than a normal flexible mineral waterproofing slurry. MB 2K is also impervious to radon, giving you a dry and radon‑free basement.

Filling / Trowling

MB 2K dries and cross-links extremely quickly – depending on the weather conditions, this can be less than 18 hours.


MB 2K is also ideal for waterproofing of base slabs. In addition to the quick spraying application, the safety against the penetration of radon gas is particularly advantageous here.

The key to perfect building waterproofing

Layer thickness only 3 mm up to 3 m immersion depth without fabric:

Even when waterproofing building elements with ground contact against pressing water, a dry layer thickness of just 3 mm is sufficient – with no need for fabric reinforcement.

Crack bridging of more than 3 mm without fabric reinforcement:

With the ability to bridge cracks of more than 3 mm, MB 2K offers greater reliability and flexibility. Even areas subjected to heavy stresses are provided with durable waterproofing.


Can be filled after 9 hours, fully set after 18 hours:

MB 2K helps you to save material and time. Thanks to its special formulation, it dries and cross-links extremely quickly. In a standard atmosphere, it can be filled after just 9 hours.

See MB 2K product page below:

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