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DOMO 10 is an epoxy glue bi-component. The product is produced in a special cartridge and a mixer which allows the correct extrusion of the product very easily. Once inserted in a proper 18:1 silicon pistol, the product is ready to be used.

Tenax Domo 10 A + B

SKU: 10X10
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Color: White
  • Domo 10 is used to glue and repair the following materials: natural stones, ceramic, composite stone, concrete. It is also used to glue several different materials one another:

    · For ceramic-stones

    · Metal-stones metal properly scrabbled

    · Metal-ceramic metal properly scrabbled

    · Metal-concrete

    · Glass-stones glass properly scrabbled

    · Glass-ceramic glass properly scrabbled

    Ideal also for fixing nail and metal parts and anchoring pivots, bolts and tie-beams.

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