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Stone Wall

Surface Protection

Surface Protection & Cleaning

Conservation Technology supplies top-quality protective treatments for all types of building surfaces interior | exterior | horizontal and vertical. We provide innovative products and can develop bespoke solutions for your particular project or issue. Our manufacturer has many years of experience in protective coatings & cleaning chemicals. Our products will ensure longer life to reapplication keeping your project clean protected and pristine for years to come.

We provide impregnation sealing treatments for internal & external horizontal and vertical surfaces in the built environment. Our products provide long-term protection for all types of porous surfaces by the formation of an invisible protective layer that enhances durability, optimises maintenance programmes and preserves its aesthetic. Contec USP-100 uses advanced fluoropolymer technology and is a solvent-free water based solution that has zero harmful VOCs unlike may conventional sealer products.

Modern Building



An unprotected surface will lose its aesthetic appeal once subjected to airborne dirt and dust, weather systems, and the effects of the natural environment. Our products are absorbed within the structure and form an invisible barrier that lines the capillaries of the structure and maintains surface porosity. USP-100 also contains surfactants that are UV stable, preventing discolouration that is associated with many traditional sealer products.


Our protective & cleaning range enables optimisation of the maintenance programme in reducing the associated costs and programme implications. Treated surfaces are easily cleaned with minimum effort.


Moisture ingress beneath the surface of your structure will promote moss, lichen, and algae growth. This can undermine the structural integrity and material strength through repeated freeze-thaw cycles. 

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