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Conservation Technology

Company Profile

Since 1983 we have been providing a wide and varied array of products to a diverse range of clients in the cleaning and building conservation services. We have become renowned for developing specific solutions for its customer's individual needs. Here at Conservation Technology, we only employ highly trained staff that have at least 5 years of experience in the areas they are certified for in their particular tasks.

In short, we're seeking perfection. Our goal is a complete professional service that delivers on time and is professional throughout the period of the project.

Please come visit us on Davitt Road for an informative chat about all about the right solution for your inquiry with our in-office team of Peter Kelly, Gerry Kelly, Leonardo Kelly and Leslie Brooks

Over 30 Years in the industry

Over 30 years in business in Dublin, selling product all around Ireland & working with companies all around the world to bring the best products & solutions to you. 

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Come Visit Us

Come into our warehouse just outside Dublin City Centre. Walks in are always welcome.

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What do we do?

At Conservation Technology (Contec), we provide customers with high quality products from renowned manufactures from around the world. We also take great pride in providing our customers with advice and viable solutions to simple and complex problems. At Contec, we go out of our way to make sure you have the adequate knowledge before tackling your problem. 

Our Suppliers & Manufactures 

Remmers GmbH

Conservation Technology is the main agent in Ireland for Remmers GmbH, one of the largest worldwide specialist for manufacturing chemical construction products.


The areas in which they specialise in are:

  • Building and Flooring Protection

    • Waterproofing and damp-proofing​

    • Synthetic resin flooring (Industrial Flooring)

    • Concrete repair and protection

    • Façade repair and protection

    • Conservation and Restoration

    • Mould prevention 

    • Breathable Interior Insulation 

  • Wood Protection

    • Wood coatings​

    • Wood and paint stains

  • Cleaning Chemicals

    • Industrial strength cleaning

    • Eco friendly cleaning 

    • Specialist gentle cleaning 

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Our Products
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