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Case Studies


Apple Co. Cork

Brief Description:

As part of the refurbishment of the existing electronics factory, there was a requirement for a durable anti-static floor system.

Remmers Epoxy ESD 3K was installed by specialist contractor Larsen Contracts over a 24 hour period using fast cure epoxy (epoxy quick 100)

Epoxy ESD 3k is an ESD compliant epoxy screed system, highly durable with a seamless finish.

Products and systems used: Epoxy quick 100, Epoxy Conductive, Epoxy ESD color 3k

Dundrum Carpark

Dundrum Car Park , Co. Dublin

Brief Description:

Originally built by building contractors Sisk the car park at Dundrum town Centre has 110,000m2 of Remmers floor coatings and 140,000m2 of wall and soffit coatings.
Today Remmers are still involved in providing maintenance and upgrade coatings to the car park. Remmers Epoxy flex coating PH is a flexible high build epoxy coating to German OS8 standard (DIN 13813) for Car Park decking.
Remmers epoxy systems have the advantage of accelerated cure to allow for early trafficking.
Remmers supply ramp coatings high wear anti-skid coatings and crack bridging coatings to Dundrum as well as anti-carbonation wall coatings.

Products and systems used: Remmers epoxy FAS100, Remmers Epoxy Flex coating PH, Remmers Epoxy BS3000, Remmers Concrete Acrylic

Sligo Courthouse

Sligo Courthouse, Co. Sligo

Brief Description:

The restoration project which took two years involved extensive internal and external stone and mortar repairs. This renovation was the largest restoration project undertaken by the court services to date. Sligo Court House, which was designed by Dublin architect J. Rawson Carroll, was officially opened on26th February 1876. Some of his other commissions include Cassiebawn Castle, Mullagemore, Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital, Dublin and the Lord De Vince Residence (now Ballyhaise Agricultural College,)

Products and systems used: Remmers Restoration Mortar

St. Patricks Cathedral

St Patrick's Cathedral, Co. Dublin

Brief Description:

​Remmers Arte Mundit latex cleaning system was used by Specialist contractors Stone Clean on internal stonework.

After application trials, Arte Mundit was chosen by Architects Benjamin and Bauchamp as giving a suitable level of cleanliness and not requiring the use of water whilst being EDTA free.

Arte Mundit comes in four grades and the new Eco version and is applied as a brush or spray latex and peeled away after cure along with dirt.

Products and systems used:

Arte Mundit

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