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New Products and Systems coming to Conservation Technology 

See what's new in the world of conservation and restoration. In this section you will see what we will offer to our customers and show off new products that are sure to help you innovate the way you look at projects. 

Feet by the Fire

Remmers iQ-Therm 2.0 new and improved

iQ-Therm 2.0 is an update to the capillary-active interior insulation iQ-Therm that was first launched in 2009. In the iQ Therm system, a high-performance insulating material is combined in the cross-section with a mineral mortar, which makes it possible to achieve a capillary absorbency in the system that eliminates the need for a vapour barrier.

Check out more below:

iq therm 2_edited.png
Workers Repairing Outside Of Building

New and Improved formula for Intachem HD400 

After a long anticipated wait, HD 400 is finally back. The very popular heavy duty degreaser has been in limbo for a long and now it has returned. 
HD 400's main properties are to break down and remove black carbon dirt, oils and grease from any masonry surface.

Check out more below:

HD 400 D.png
Floor Mopping

Long-lasting waterproofing
for basement floors

Self-levelling waterproofing for basement floors in old buildings
Remmers WP FLow 

This new self-levelling flooring compound for interiors acts also a Waterproofer and is excellent for restoring basements and sporting changing rooms. 

Check out more below:

Remmers WP Flow - Contec.png
remmers flags.PNG

International Conference on Energetic Refurbishment

Interior insulation of existing buildings.

The future of energy efficient building solutions. Learn how leading companies around the world are adapting new ideas to change the future. 

Would you like to attend the International Conference on Energetic Refurbishment – on the 23rd and 24th of March? 
Please confirm your participation with Conservation Technology. 

Registration Deadline: March 1st, 2023

Contec Conservation Technology - Remmers Conference .png
Brick Fireplace

Clean FP (Facade Cleaning Paste)

Check Out "Clean FP"

Cleaning paste for removing urban dirt

- Mineral building materials, apart from sand-lime brick and glazed surfaces
- Removes heavy urban soiling (soot, dust, industrial dirt, etc.)

Clean FP _edited.png

Woodworm Treatment

Check Out "Adolit Wood Worm Free"

Water-based wood preservative for infestation control with long-lasting results

- Wood in interiors and in protected outside areas
- Control of wood-destroying insects for wooden building elements such as roof trusses, wooden beams, floors, etc
- House borer and deathwatch beetle
- Also with preventive action against fungi and insects
- Not suitable for termite control

Adolit Woodworm remover.png

3-in-1 Waterproofing / Cement / Grout  

Check Out "MB FL 2K"

3 in 1 composite waterproofing Combines the functions of waterproofing, tile cement and grout in one material

- 3 in 1: waterproofing, tile cement and joint mortar ■ Interior and exterior, floor areas
- Waterproofing in a bond under tiles
- Suitable for new and old buildings
- Waterproofing balconies, loggias and pergolas
- Waterproofing bathrooms and transition areas in swimming pools

MB FL 2K.png

Conservation Technology at the 
Architecture & Building Expo 2022

We will be in attendance at the Architecture & Building Expo 2022 in The RDS this year. 

We will be showcasing some our best products like iQ-Therm system and MB 2K as well as a few new products from Remmers and a new Rising Damp elimination system.  

Make sure to call down to our stand to learn more about these products and any other products that might help you in future projects. 

5th & 6th October 


Peel-off pastes for historic interior wall surfaces

Check out "Arte Mundit ECO"

Range of use:
- Especially environmentally friendly cleaning paste made from natural raw materials
- Free from EDTA, inorganic salts, surfactants and organic solvents
- Can be used both indoors and outdoors
- Does not contain any volatile neutralising agents
- Long-lasting protection against moss and algae growth
- Single component



Check out our Monthly Newsletter or call us to find out more about any deals or special offers. 

Current Offers:
- Newsletter exclusive deal.
- Mistint Paints
- Sodium Dioxide
- Bauxite (Anti-slip)
- Remmers Ceramix (Coloured Quartz Sand)  

Genius MB 2K Poster.png



Before            -            After

€257.67each → €175.00each


Before            -            After

€257.67each → €199.99each

(All prices shown excl. VAT)
(Offer ends 31st August 2022)

Genius MB 2K Poster.png

New Rising Damp System 

Our solutions are designed to stop the cause of rising damp (and not just treat its effects) using a physical principle: the natural orientation of water molecules in the ground upwards into walls. Based on this simple observation, we have developed solutions that reverse the orientation of these water molecules.

The Electromagnetic Polarity Inverter disorientates the water molecules using electromagnetic waves. The Geomagnetic Polarity Inverter uses the Earth’s magnetic field to direct the water molecules back downwards into the ground. Find out about the I.P.E® and I.P.G® in more detail here.

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