Contec News


New Products and Systems coming to Conservation Technology 

See what's new in the world of conservation and restoration. In this section you will see what we will offer to our customers and show off new products that are sure to help you innovate the way you look at projects. 


New Rising Damp System 

Our solutions are designed to stop the cause of rising damp (and not just treat its effects) using a physical principle: the natural orientation of water molecules in the ground upwards into walls. Based on this simple observation, we have developed solutions that reverse the orientation of these water molecules.

The Electromagnetic Polarity Inverter disorientates the water molecules using electromagnetic waves. The Geomagnetic Polarity Inverter uses the Earth’s magnetic field to direct the water molecules back downwards into the ground. Find out about the I.P.E® and I.P.G® in more detail here.

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