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Long-lasting waterproofing for basement floors

Self-levelling waterproofing for basement floors in old buildings

Remmers WP Flow

The subsequent waterproofing of floor surfaces in basements of old buildings is carried out with the self-levelling, mineral floor self-levelling compound. The self-levelling, mineral waterproofing compound is applied to the load-bearing floor slab. WP Flow perfectly complements the Remmers interior waterproofing systems in a perfect way. Like the systems for walls, WP Flow has been tested and approved against water loads from the back in accordance with WTA data sheet 4–6, Subsequent Waterproofing of Structural Elements in Contact with the Ground, with a layer thickness of 10 mm.

In the transition area between wall and floor, WP Flow can be perfectly applied to the tried and tested Remmers systems. The quality and dimensioning of the floor slab must be suitable for the expected impact.

The floor waterproofing product Remmers WP Flow is effective against back facing water class

 - W1-E ground moisture and

 - W2.1-E pressing water < 3 m – moderate impact – in accordance with DIN 18533

“Waterproofing of elements in contact with soil”.

With floor coatings that are open to water vapour diffusion it is possible to rework the surface after only a short standing time. The perfect fast solution:

 - Priming with Epoxy BS 2000

 - Sealing with Epoxy BS 3000 SG

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