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Cherry Orchard Hospital, Dublin

Cherry Orchard Hospital, Ballyfermot, Dublin

Cherry Orchard Hospital campus was planned to replace Cork Street Fever Hospital as the main centre for infectious diseases from 1939, and was built on the periphery of Ballyfermot in 1953. This large hospital building was one of several buildings designed as a coherent group, by Alan Hope with F.G. Hicks and G.P. Bell, including a gate lodge, eleven single-storey blocks of wards, an oratory, sports grounds, a swimming pool and accommodation for staff.

​Reference identification data:

Construction project:

Concrete window surround restoration

Building type:


Short description

Repairs to window surround that have been blown out and cracked over time due to moisture penetrating into steel reinforcement bars. S-Protect M, Betofix KHB, Betofix R4 and Betofix RM were used to repair and protect the window surround. The window surrounds are then painted with Remmers Color Flex elastic crack bridging paint.


Cherry Orchard Hospital

Site address:

Ballyfermot, Dublin

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The window surrounds at Cherry Orchard Hospital had deteriorated over time. Moisture penetration led to the corrosion of the steel reinforcement bars, causing the surrounding concrete to blow out and crack.

Repair Process:

Corrosion Prevention and Priming:

S-Protect M: This corrosion inhibiting additive was applied to prevent further rusting of the steel reinforcement bars, ensuring long-term protection.

Preparation for Repair:

Betofix KHB: Used as a corrosion and bonding layer. This created a strong bond between the old, damaged concrete and the new repair materials.

Structural Repair:

Betofix R4: This structural concrete repair mortar was applied to restore the integrity of the window surrounds, providing a durable and solid repair.

Finishing Touch:

Betofix RM: A fast-setting concrete repair mortar was used to achieve a smooth finish on the repaired areas, ensuring the aesthetics of the window surrounds were maintained.

Weather Protection:

Color Flex: Remmers Color Flex is a highly elastic façade coating designed to provide durable and flexible protection to building exteriors. The application process begins with thorough surface preparation, ensuring that the façade is clean, dry, and free from any loose or flaking material. A primer may be applied to enhance adhesion, followed by the application of Color Flex using a brush, roller, or airless spray equipment. The coating is typically applied in two coats, allowing sufficient drying time between each layer. Once applied, Color Flex forms a highly elastic membrane that adapts to the building's movements, preventing cracks and maintaining a seamless finish. Its advanced formulation offers excellent weather resistance, UV stability, and long-lasting color retention, ensuring the façade remains attractive and protected for years to come.

Materials Used:

  • S-Protect M: Corrosion Inhibiting additive.

  • Betofix KHB: Corrosion and bonding layer.

  • Betofix R4: Structural concrete repair mortar.

  • Betofix RM: Fast concrete repair mortar

  • Color Flex: Highly elastic façade coating

These steps ensured that the window surrounds were effectively repaired and protected against future damage.

S Protect M (Rust Inhibitor M)

Remmers Betofix KHB

Remmers Betofix R4

Remmers Betofix RM

Remmers Color Flex

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