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Color Flex | Crack Bridging Paint

Highly elastic façade coating

Hairline cracks are usually an indication of a house settling in. Old houses can shift and move over time as temperatures fluctuate. This can result in small cracks appearing as the building adjusts to these minor changes.

Cracked concrete components or those susceptible to cracking are highly likely to suffer from damage caused by moisture penetration. Whether the cracks are static or dynamic. With Remmers Color Flex, you can easily cover up and protect your façade without losing the quality properties like breathability and water repellence that you would with other with crack-bridging coatings.

Remmers Color Flex (Elastoflex Façade Paint) properties:

■ High crack-bridging capability

■ UV-crosslinking binder

■ Carbonation-inhibiting sd CO₂ ≥ 115 m

■ Highly water-repelling w ≤ 0.1 kg/(m² ∙ h ) 0.5

■ Water vapour permeable

■ Very good hiding power

■ Listed in BASt

■ Tested in accordance with DIN EN 1504-2

■ Weather resistant

■ Colour stable

For walls with larger cracks, Remmers offer another product with filling properties as well as the crack bridging properties.

Remmers Color Flex Fill (Elastoflex Filler Paint) can be used to repair larger cracks in walls such as the one above. It offers all the same properties as Color Flex.

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