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Heavy Paint, Graffiti and Mortar Removal

Winter Deadlines must be hit!!

In the cold winter months, building products aren't as effective as they would be in normal conditions (Especially when it comes to cleaning chemicals). In this case alternative solutions must be looked at.

Sandblasting is process of smoothing and cleaning a hard surface by forcing solid particles across that surface at high speeds using compressed air. This method of paint and graffiti removal is much faster than the conventional paint removing chemicals. The main disadvantage of using sand blasting is you must have a sand blasting equipment (compressor and breathing equipment) and it creates a lot of debris to clean up.

Range of use:

- Graffiti Removal

- Paint Removal

- Dirt Removal

- Carbon Removal

- Mortar Removal

- Mortar Cleaning

- Cement Removal

- Brick Cleaning

Environmentally Friendly Synthetic Blast Media:

- ASILIT A2 (Fine)

- ASILIT A3 (Coarse)

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