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Mineral bonded restoration mortar systems

Stone substitution and reproduction

The Remmers restoration mortar system was specially developed for restoration or replacement of mineral building materials. Since mineral building materials differ greatly in their composition (structure, pore space, colour, grain size, etc.) and it is in the interest of a long-term resistant measure to match the replacement mortar to the substrate, Remmers offers a wide range of customisation options that take into account the multitude of application cases. The structured design enables users and planners to select the most suitable restoration mortar.

  •  Two strength levels are available for all cementitious restoration mortars

  •  All restoration mortars are available in three grain sizes for the perfect finish


Only quality-controlled and high-quality raw materials are used to produce Remmers restoration mortars. As a rule, the binder is composed of several raw materials. These include different cements and different limes. Dispersion additives are used to adjust certain properties. This applies in particular to Remmers RM pro, which can be feathered out to “zero thickness”.

Binder compound

To recreate the physico-mechanical properties of original materials, the original natural stone sands can be mixed with the special binder compound RM BC to form an individual stone substitution compound. Processing and workability are optimally adjusted to the natural conditions and the suitability for the construction site is guaranteed. The high-quality, low-alkali binder can even be tinted to match the desired shade.

Priming & restoration mortar

In the case of deeper defective or missing areas, it is recommended to construct the core with “priming mortars” specially designed for this task. In particular, a balanced strength gradient from the inside to the outside must be ensured. For this reason, perfectly matched priming mortars are available for use with the restoration mortars. The “soft” variant of Remmers priming mortar also has salt storing properties.


Range of use


RM (Restoration Mortar)

Mineral stone substitution mortar for restoration, substitution and reprofiling Reproduction of ornamental building elements by tamping

  • Good flank adhesion

  • Low inherent stress

  • Configurable strength and maximum grain size

  • Various standard and special colours and special configurations possible

  • Can be made hydrophobic

RM Pro (Restoration Mortar SK)

Mineral stone substitution mortar (can be feathered out to zero)

  • Can be feathered out to zero

  • Can be applied as a slurry

Products mentioned:

RM | Restoration Mortar

RM Pro | Restoration Mortar SK

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