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Paint Removal - Quick and Simple

Updated: Apr 2

Testing and Application

Product selection and test areas:

Did you make a pre-selection via the application table or our app? Then place the test surface on the object. Use our practical System case paint remover (Item No. 286). Using a plastering trowel apply the remover completely and see the process in definite time intervals. The coats are dissolved at different times, depending on the type and thickness of the coating and the ambient temperature. This process can last a few minutes or even more than 12 hours. Simple paint coats such as a emulsion paint on the façade or indoors are dissolved within an hour at 20°C. Simple glazes or varnishes on wood and metal also take a similar time. The more inhomogeneous the coating structure is, the lower the temperature and the higher the degree of cross-linking, the longer the amount of time is required.

With the help of test areas you can determine the optimal paint remover for your object.

How to apply paint remover correctly:

Depending on the object condition, different methods are available.

These are described product-specifically in our technical information. Whether by airless spraying, with brush or eaves - everything is possible. One point, however, always has to be considered: Only if a sufficient amount of the remover is applied, can several layers be dissolved at once. The colours are penetrated, the binder system destroyed, the adhesion released. The layer will now be easily removable. The surface will not change. The wood will again be naturally clean and mineral surfaces clean to the pores. The coating will come off like a pancake. At least 100ml/m² are required for each layer to be removed, plus use of material for possible spray losses or reworking.

When to take off the paint remover:

Always remove the dissolved paint and varnish coats when they are well dissolved. This stage is reached when the coating becomes soft.

Do not allow the dissolved paint to stay on the base on the base for an unnecessarily long time, because it may generate unwelcome smells.

Removing paints in rooms:

With the new Scheidel paint removing pastes Drystrip Allround and Drystrip Alkaline, the most odourless scourers are now available. When using other Scheidel gel paint removers, the use of a technical ventilation where needed is recommended. These devices are cheap and easy to obtain nowadays. This way you protect yourself and the others in the building. Please follow the instructions in our technical information and safety data sheets.

How to remove the paint remover with the coating:

Remove the dissolved coats depending on the working conditions with a hot water high-pressure cleaner or manually with a spatula or blade. If you are working manually, then wash the surface simultaneously with Scheidel UltraFix intensive cleaning concentrate (1:3 to 1:10) diluted in water, and then wash again with plain water. This will give you a properly clean surface.

The paint remover and the coating can be easily removed after the treatment time with the help of a high-pressure cleaner.

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