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Remmers Concrete Paint

Premium Highly Durable Carbon Inhibiting Paint for High Traffic Areas

Our Acrylic paint (Remmers Color PA) offers a dual advantage for concrete surfaces. Combining the durability of acrylic resins with specialized additives, it inhibits carbonation to preserve alkalinity and longevity. This protective, easy-to-apply coating enhances aesthetics while safeguarding against environmental factors, making it an ideal choice for both appearance and structural integrity.

What is Concrete Acrylic Paint?

Concrete acrylic paint with carbon inhibiting properties is a type of coating specifically designed for application on concrete surfaces. It combines the benefits of acrylic paint with the ability to inhibit the formation of carbonation on concrete.

Carbonation is a chemical reaction that occurs over time in concrete when carbon dioxide from the air reacts with calcium hydroxide in the concrete to form calcium carbonate. This process can lead to a gradual reduction in the alkalinity of the concrete, which may affect its durability and structural integrity.

Water Resistance: One of the standout features of silicone paint is its high water resistance. It creates a hydrophobic surface that repels water, preventing moisture from seeping into the substrate. The general property makes silicone paint suitable for areas prone to high humidity or frequent water contact.

Acrylic Base:

The paint is formulated with acrylic resins, which provide excellent adhesion, durability, and water resistance. Acrylic paints are known for their versatility and ability to create a protective barrier on concrete surfaces.

Carbon Inhibition:

These paints contain additives that help slow down or inhibit the carbonation process in concrete. By reducing the rate at which carbon dioxide penetrates the concrete, these paints can help preserve the alkalinity and extend the service life of the concrete.

Protection and Aesthetics:

The paint not only inhibits carbonation but also provides a protective layer that shields the concrete from moisture, UV radiation, and other environmental factors. Additionally, it can enhance the appearance of the concrete by adding color and a smooth finish.


Some formulations of these paints are designed to maintain the concrete's breathability, allowing water vapor to escape while preventing liquid water from entering. This is important for preventing moisture-related issues.

Easy Application:

Concrete acrylic paint with carbon inhibiting properties is generally easy to apply using common painting techniques such as brush, roller, or spray.


These paints can be used on various concrete surfaces, including walls, floors, driveways, and sidewalks.

It's important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for surface preparation and application when using concrete acrylic paint with carbon inhibiting properties. Proper preparation ensures good adhesion and long-lasting performance of the paint. This type of paint is often used in both residential and commercial settings to protect and beautify concrete surfaces while mitigating the effects of carbonation.

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