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Remmers silicate paints

Mineral coating with fine-grained quarzite structure

Classic silicate and mineral paints impart a sense of high-quality design and resilience. This is down to the use of water glass as a mineral binder, as well as the wide array of impressive architectural monuments on which these paints have been used, in particular those of the early modern period. Towards the end of the 19th century, painting and coating systems based on water glass hailed a new era of colour chemistry and technology. In both qualitative and quantitative terms, it was the perfect

material for durable, weather-resistant and attractive facade designs.

In principle, water glass is glass dissolved in water. There are two distinct types: potassium water glass and sodium silicate. Only the former has the right properties for creating colour (pigmented water glass). Silicate paints dry as the water evaporates and carbon dioxide is absorbed from the air. This process “silicifies” the water glass and binds the pigments to the substrate. In order to ensure that surfaces coated in this manner do not become overly solidified, only somewhat firm render substrates should be coated with silicate paints.

The natural, mineral coloured pigments are fully lightfast and weatherproof. Silicate paints appear matt, but the use of water glass as a binder gives them a unique vivid appearance. Because the pigments used have to be inorganic and resistant to water glass, the range of colours available is limited and therefore falls in line with the colours found on historic architecture. Different colour shades may occur as a result of uneven drying conditions and are not a defect. Silicate paints are governed by DIN 18363. They are among the most diffusion-open of all paints. They are usually made hydrophobic for application to facades.


Range of use


Primer Hydro S HF (Silicate Primer D)

Mineral primer with hydrophobic and

strengthening effect

  • Evens out absorption

  • Strengthening

  • Silicifies the substrate

  • Mineral-based

  • Aqueous

Color SH (Silicate Paint D)

Mineral paint with fine-grained structure

  • Fine-grained surface texture

  • Water vapour diffusion open

  • Water repelling

Products mentioned:

Primer Hydro S HF (Silicate Primer D)

Color SH (Silicate Paint D)

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