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Silicone Resin Paint LA (Color LA)

Remmers Silicone Resin Paint LA - Proven for nearly 40 years

A façade paint with these properties achieves a "Gore-Tex" effect, so to speak. What we see as the durable weather protection of facades.

Advantages of Remmers Color LA:

- The outstanding characteristics of Remmers Color LA is the combination of maximum water vapour permeability and low capillary water absorption. Giving the highest results under the façade protection classification of Dr. Kunzel.

- Easy to use by any method of application, with excellent opacity and coverage.

- Colour-fast inorganic pigment enables colours to be mixed very precisely for both traditional and modern facades

- Also suitable for mortars rendered areas

- Suitable for over coating old coatings areas of any kind (except for highly elastic and glossy systems)

- Suitable over application and a variety of scumble options (Historic Scumble and Historic Slurry Scumble)


- All minerals substrates in the heritage preservation and facades protection sectors

- Al mineral pebble-dashes

- Mortar rendered areas

- Fair-faced blockwork & brickwork

- Composite thermal insulation systems

- Synthetic resin renders

- Areas with differential moisture absorption properties (e.g. after rendering)

- Refurbished rendered areas

- Problem areas (foundations and external basement exits)

If in doubt, a silicone resin paint should always be selected for facades with previous vapour diffusion damage, which is quite easy to identify from the old coatings. This will provide reliable protection even from driving rain and the high water vapour permeability providing a future safety factor.

Remmers Color LA

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