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Kitchen Cleaning

When cleaning our kitchen, we can face many stubborn stains that our general household cleaners just can't get rid of. Concentrated chemicals can be your next step to make cleaning easy.  

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Bathroom Cleaning

The bathroom can hold many different forms of soiling. Mould and grime are the most common forms of siling as well as other forms of hard contaminants like calcium staining or deposits. 

Accessible Bathroom
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Mould Removal

Mould can be very difficult to remove due to its ability to spread rapidly. When removing mould the most important thing to do is completely kill it with the right chemical and then understand the source.

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Our Products

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Deep Kleen

Deep Kleen is a caustic based, medium duty, alkaline sanitizing cleaner. It has been specially designed for use in the food processing and agricultural industries.

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Quick Clean

Quick Clean is a concentrated, alkaline, low odour, non-caustic, anti-static cleaning and degreasing agent for hard surfaces.
Quick Clean has a rapi~ wipe off cleaning effect and is totally phosphate free.

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A non caustic alkaline cleaner used for the routine cleaning of all types of hard surfaces. Ideal for the removal of light oil on industrial machinery and workshop floors.

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Clean SL (TFR)

Surfactant solution for removing grime, dirt incrustation, dust, oil and grease deposits

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Surface Reviver

Surface Reviver is a high performance cleaner designed to remove organic & microbiological contaminants from porous surfaces such as stone, cement, tarmac etc

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Deep Kleen Plus

Deep Kleen Plus is a caustic based, heavy duty, alkaline sanitizing cleaner. It has been specially designed for use in the food processing and agricultural industries for the removal of animal fats and proteins.

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Standard Non Caustic TFR

Standard Non-Caustic T.F.R. is a non-caustic alkaline cleaner designed for the use of routine cleaning of all types of decorative paintwork.

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Heavy-duty descaler for bathrooms and changing rooms. Great for cleaning toilets and urinals. 

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Oil & Grease Remover

Remmers Grease & Grime Re-mover is an alkaline cleaning agent for the removal of grease, oil, printing ink, soot, wax, ink and other stubborn soiling.

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Bio Kleen

Safe to use on aluminum, galvanized metal, stainless steel and plastic. Cleans and sanitizes food processing equipment. Safe to use on food transport vehicles.

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Tilt Cleaner

Tilt Cleaner is a fast acting versatile cleaner developed for the road transport industry as a heavy soil and traffic film remover, for those jobs where the use of a strong alkaline detergent is required.

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Bactericidal, fungicidal and algicidal combination product for
cleaning and priming building materials with and at risk of green

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Cleaning paste for removing urban dirt

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