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Stone Repair |  Brick Repair |  Restoration Mortar | Render Repair | Stone Strengthener

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Stone Strengthener

The structure of mineral building materials that are exposed to the weather is always weakened. This weakness is usually caused by an expansion of the original pore structure, rarely by a real loss of binding agent. The central task of a consolidation measure is to specifically fill the pore spaces created as a result of the weathering. This occurs by penetration of an additional nature-identical binding agent.

Stone Repair

Mineral or plastic modified-based stone substitution mortar is still highly important as part of preserving and restoring measures of natural stone parts. This is due to a number of benefits that these systems have compared to other binding agent variants for stone substitution mortars.

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SP Top White Restoration Render.png

Restoration Mortar

The Remmers Restoration Mortar system was specially developed for supplementing mineral building materials or replacing them.

Concrete Repair

Despite the high quality and special qualities of concrete, damage can occur that requires maintenance, repair and protection. A distinction must be made between environmental influences and production faults with respect to concrete damage. Environmental influences can include exhaust fumes, acid rain, frost and de-icing salts. Here, the chemical properties are changed so that the steel reinforcements in the concrete start to rust. Shrinkage cracks, pipes, gravel pockets and insufficient concrete cover are typical production faults that also promote corrosion of the reinforcements.

Modern Sunroom
Contec Conservation Technology 2 -  REMMERS RM RESTORATION MORTAR.png
Cracked Concrete Wall
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Stone Wall
Red Brick Building

Heritage Restoration

In contrast to bricks or modern building materials, natural stone not only differs with respect to its shape, colour and surface quality, the physical and chemical properties are also very different. It is therefore especially important to preserve the original material and carefully select the newly installed repair materials to preserve the substance for the long-term. Across the world, Remmers stone strengtheners are used to secure historically valuable cultural assets.


Our Products

Our Products
Contec Conservation Technology 2 -  REMMERS RM RESTORATION MORTAR.png

Facade Restoration - Brick Repair - Mortar Repair

RM (Restoration Mortar)

Multi-functional building waterproofing Combines the properties of flexible and crack-bridging mineral waterproofing grouts

Betofix R2.jpg

Facade Restoration - Concrete Repair - Walls - Flooring

Betofix R2

Fast repair mortar with higher strength for flooring. 

SP Prep Mortar.jpg

Facade Restoration - Render Repair - Prep Mortar - High adhesion - Breathable

SP Prep Mortar

WTA-compliant preparatory mortar

VM Fill (Compound Mortar).jpg

Facade Restoration - Compound Mortar - Reinforcement - Cement Repair

VM Fill

Universal cementing and reinforcement mortar

Remmers KSE 100.png

Facade Protection - Stone Strengthner - Stone Repair - Breathable

KSE 100

Clear, hydrophobising, solvent-based impregnation on a silane/siloxane base

Contec Conservation Technology 2 -  REMMERS RM PRO RESTORATION MORTAR SK.png

Facade Restoration - Brick Repair - Mortar Repair - Feathering

RM Pro (Restoration Mortar SK)

Mineral stone substitution mortar for seamless feathering

Betofix R4.jpg

Facade Restoration - Concrete Repair - Walls - Flooring - Structural repairs

Betofix R4

Fibre-reinforced PCC for static renovation of concrete structures

SP Top White .jpg

Facade Restoration - Restoration Render - Breathable 

SP Top White

WTA-compliant restoration plaster for masonry with moisture and salt loads

Multi Fill.jpg

Facade Restoration - Very Fine Filler - Breathable - Repairs - Feathering

Multi Fill [basic]

Filling compound and surface filler

SNL Clear.png

Facade Protection - Stone Strengthner - Stone Repair - Breathable

KSE 300

Solvent-free stone strengthener on a silicic acid ester base

Betofix RM.jpg

Facade Restoration - Concrete Repair - Walls - Coving

Betofix RM


Fast repair mortar PCC (RM) for repairing concrete structures

Sp Levell .jpg

Facade Restoration - Render Repair - Wall Levelling (straightening) - Breathable

SP Levell

Salt storing, WTA-compliant pore undercoat render in the restoration render system for masonry subjected to moisture and salt loads

SP Top Q2.jpg

Facade Restoration - Fine Render - Breathable - Finish Coat

SP Top Q2

Mineral fine render (Fein Putz)

FM NB Joint Mortar.png

Facade Restoration - Joint Mortar - Breathable 


Cement-lime jointing mortar for new buildings


Facade Restoration - Stone Repair - Epoxy

Sikadur -31 CF Normal

Sikadur -31 CF Normal is a moisture tolerant, thixotropic, structural 2-component adhesive and repair mortar, based on a combination of epoxy resins and special fillers.

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