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Synthetic Flooring Systems

Industrial Storage

Primers |  Special Repair |  Topcoats | Anti-Slip

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Chemical Industry

Floor coatings in production halls and laboratories are subjected to a range of damaging substances on a continuous
basis, be they mineral oils, grease or corrosive acids and alkalis.

Electrical Industry

Electrostatic charge represents a ubiquitous problem for the electronics industry and can become apparent in various ways. High-quality ESD-compliant and AS-compliant flooring from Remmers prevents electrostatic charging of people and machinery.


Car Parks

Chlorides can quickly lead to considerable corrosion damage in reinforced concrete, which is why it is important to try and maximise the penetration resistance. The Remmers Betofix product range is setting brand new standards for concrete repair. There is also the possibility to opt
for a rigid or flexible crack-bridging coating, and to choose from a wide variety of design options with tested surface protection systems from OS 1 to OS 11.

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Automotive Industry

The requirements for floor coating systems in the automotive and mechanical engineering industries and their suppliers are varied. Mechanical loading capacity in these areas is often the highest priority.


Decorative Design

Decorative flooring systems can be found in commercial properties, such as those used by food retailers and fashion boutiques, as well as in high-profile areas such as offices, conference rooms and foyers.

Decorative design.jpg


In order to ensure seamless production processes from preparation through to execution, the surfaces of the walls and flooring in agricultural work, storage and transit areas must be provided with long-lasting protection.


Food Industry

Powerful floor protection with an individual surface structure – Remmers Crete PU concrete. This type of coating provides flooring with outstanding thermal, chemical and mechanical resistance.


A wide range of decorative surface designs:

Floor coatings made of polyurethane and epoxy resin have long been the state of the art for industrial applications, primarily due to their high load-bearing capacity and efficient application. Nowadays, highly resilient flooring is used on industrial premises, as well as in public and private buildings. Many of these new areas of application benefit from the decorative aspect of a specially designed flooring solution that can be customised right down to the smallest colour and texture details. The design floors from Remmers open up a whole world of possibilities when it comes to designing durable, high-quality flooring. From coloured surfaces to metallic finishes and special blinding layers, this jointless flooring solution can be customised to suit any interior design scheme, either by creating a unique new configuration or using an existing flooring concept.



Sealers have a protective effect against light to medium loads, and offer an economical option for a layer thickness of up to 0.5 mm.


  • Reliable protection (e.g. against weak acids)

  • Follows the surface substrate

  • Economical



  • Floors subject to light to medium loads

  • Production areas and warehouses

Our Products

Our Products
BS 2000.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Breathable Paint - Primer 

Epoxy BS 2000

Pigmented, water-based primer

Epoxy MT 100.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Breathable Paint - Primer - Quick Setting

Epoxy MT 100

Fast-acting primer for slightly damp substrates

Epoxy BS 3000 M.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Breathable Paint - Sealer - Top Coat

Epoxy BS 3000 M

Water-based, pigmented, matt sealant

Epoxy Universal.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Paint - Exterior - Anti Corrosion - Steel Paint - Crack Bridging

Epoxy Universal

Crack-bridging protective coating

Epoxy AS Color.jpg

Industrial Flooring -Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Conductive Paint - Electrical Paint

Epoxy AS Color

Conductive coating

Remmers WP Flow - Contec.png

Industrial Flooring -  Basement Flooring - Interior - Breathable Flooring - Self Levelling - Self Levelling Grout

WP Flow

Waterproofing, self-levelling flooring compound for interiors

Add 250.png

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - PUR Sealer - Interior - Exterior - Anti slip beads

Add 250

Polymer granules for anti-slip

BS 2000 Clear.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Breathable Paint - Primer - Impregnation

Epoxy BS 2000 Clear

Water-based impregnation agent and primer

Epoxy FAS 100.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Breathable Paint - Primer - Excellent Adhesion 

Epoxy FAS 100

Special, substrate-tolerant primer

Epoxy BS 3000 SG.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Breathable Paint - Sealer - Top Coat

Epoxy BS 3000 SG

Water-based, pigmented, silk-gloss sealant

Epoxy UV 100.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Paint - Exterior - Breathable Paint - Clear

Epoxy UV 100

Transparent epoxy resin with a low tendency to yellow

Epoxy Conductive.jpg

Industrial Flooring -Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Conductive Paint - Electrical Paint

Epoxy Conductive

Water-based transverse conducting layer. Electrically dissipative (< 10 kΩ)

PUR Top M Plus.jpg

Industrial Flooring - PUR Sealer - Interior - UV Resistant - Single pack - Anti slip

PUR Top M Plus

Anti-slip, transparent sealant

Add TX.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Paint - PUR Sealer - Interior - Exterior - Thickening Agent

Add TX

Organic thixotropic agent

Epoxy ST 100.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Breathable Paint - Primer - Mortar Resin

Epoxy ST 100

Transparent priming and mortar resin

Epoxy Quick 100.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Breathable Paint - Primer - Rapid - Mortar Resin

Epoxy Quick 100

Fast-reacting primer and mortar resin

Epoxy Flex PH.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Flooring - Interior - Breathable Paint - Self Levelling

Epoxy Flex PH

Pigmented, self-levelling coating

Epoxy WHG Color.jpg

Industrial Flooring - Epoxy Paint - Interior - Chemical Resistant - Fire Resistant - Crack Bridging

Epoxy WHG Color

Chemically resistant, crack-bridging coating

Epoxy Quick Fix.jpg

Industrial Flooring -Epoxy Mortar - Interior - Exterior - Rapid - Quick Repair Mortar

Epoxy Quick Fix

Fast-reacting synthetic resin mortar

PUR Aqua Top M.jpg

Industrial Flooring - PUR Sealer - Interior - Hard-wearing - Low maintenance

PUR Aqua Top M

Aqueous, transparent, two-component sealant

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