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Oven Cleaning & Kitchen Degreasing

Burnt Stains, Grease, Fat, Blood and General Contamination Remover & Sanitiser

Overtime, your kitchen and oven will build up many different stains like grease and fats. Removing this mess is an unpleasant but necessary task that is a must if you are to keep your kitchen clean. You want to impress your guests with a clean home and delicious food, but even this hidden As daunting as it seems, this task is not impossible.

Many of the household cleaners you can get from the local supermarket make the job a very labour intensive task that involves a lot of muscle and elbow grease. To make this easer you should use a cleaner that will help break down the stains to make it easy to wipe away. Removing grease and bio oil stains are usually very easy with the right cleaning products like Deep Kleen. You can even dilute Deep Kleen and make it go further for light stains because of its ability as a sanitiser as well.

Cleaning Grease Stains from Kitchen and Oven

Product: Deep Kleen


- Firstly fill 2 container with hot/warm water

- Add Deep Kleen to the solution to one of the containers(for 1L of water to 10mL to 50mL of Deep Kleen depending on degree of staining)

- Use the Deep Kleen mix first

- Using a scrubbing brush, agitate the mix into the areas

- Leave for 5-10mins

- Using a the other container of just hot water, rinse and scrub off the area

- Repeat the process if necessary