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Case Study

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Co. Dublin Ireland

Cleaning and Painting

Embarking on a meticulous restoration journey, the hallowed walls of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, went through a transformative revival through the adept fusion of heritage preservation and cutting-edge conservation & restoration technology. With a commitment to safeguarding the historical integrity of this iconic structure, artisans are employing specialized products such as 'Arte Mundit' for gentle yet effective cleaning and Earthborn 'Clay Paint' for a harmonious and breathable coat of paint. These innovative solutions not only honor the cathedral's rich past but also ensure a sustainable future, where tradition seamlessly meets the advancements of conservation technology.


Starting on an intricate journey of restoration, the revered interiors of Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin, Ireland, underwent a transformative revival, skillfully blending traditional preservation with state-of-the-art materials.

Spearheaded by specialist contractors Stone Clean, the cathedral's internal stonework underwent meticulous revitalization, employing the Remmers Arte Mundit latex cleaning system. Following rigorous application trials, Architects Benjamin and Bauchamp endorsed Arte Mundit for its ability to achieve a suitable level of cleanliness without the need for water usage and its EDTA-free composition. This innovative solution, available in four grades and a new Eco version, was expertly applied as a brush or spray latex and subsequently peeled away, carrying with it the accumulated dirt. The thoughtful selection of Arte Mundit harmoniously aligned with the overarching commitment to preserve the cathedral's historical legacy, creating a synthesis where heritage seamlessly met the advancements of contemporary Conservation Technology.


Over the years, we've been fortunate to witness our paints contributing to various unique and inspiring conservation endeavors, spanning from listed private properties to significant historical structures. Earthborn Claypaint, often specified by architects for heritage projects, boasts remarkable coverage, an ultra-flat matt finish, and high breathability.

One notable conservation project within our Earthborn archive is the Lady Chapel at St. Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin. Founded in 1191, St. Patrick’s Cathedral serves as the National Cathedral for the Church of Ireland, showcasing exemplary Irish architectural styles from its 13th Century arcades to its 19th Century restoration. The Lady Chapel, a product of the 19th Century restoration, was designed by Richard Cromwell Carpenter in 1845 and completed in 1865, incorporating stone from Bath, Dundry, and Kilkenny.

In September 2012, the Lady Chapel underwent a significant closure for a comprehensive conservation and cleaning initiative. The scope of work encompassed an extensive cleaning of the space, addressing stone work, monuments, stained glass, and floor tiles. This project also involved the removal of old masonry paint and cleaning the lime-plastered surfaces. All plastered surfaces, including vaulted ribs, ceilings, and walls, underwent repainting to ensure the meticulous restoration of this historical space.

Why Earthborn Claypaint was used?

The collaborative management of the project fell under the auspices of Benjamin & Beauchamp Architects, working in tandem with the principal contractor Conservation & Restoration (Ireland) Ltd. In the course of the undertaking, Earthborn's Claypaint, meticulously specified by Benjamin & Beauchamp, emerged as the optimal choice for the task at hand.

Project architect John Beauchamp articulated,

We sought a paint that seamlessly integrated with lime plaster while offering high breathability to mitigate any potential issues with dampness. Having received a positive recommendation from a colleague who had previously used Claypaint on a church project, I decided to explore its suitability for our conservation project at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin.

To ensure compatibility, I delved deeper into the product, conducting extensive trials in collaboration with Earthborn’s national distributor for Ireland, Stoneware Studios. The results were conclusive: the paint's density and opacity proved highly effective in concealing uneven surfaces, and its low reflective value ensures its suitability for future touch-ups—an essential consideration for the longevity of the conservation work."

Products used:

Remmers Arte Mundit Eco

Earthborn Clay Paint

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