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Graffiti Removal Systems

Graffiti Removal

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Graffiti Artist

Graffiti Removal

There are many graffiti removers on the market but like paint strippers they all have their own strengths. Being careful about what substrate the graffiti is on is the most important thing to consider as graffiti removers can damage substrates like glass. It is always best to discuss before purchasing.  


Aerosol is the most common form of graffiti you will find on walls or buildings. It is cheap and readily available so it is important that you have an option to remove unwanted graffiti. 

Spray Paint Cans


Sandblasting, sometimes known as abrasive blasting, is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface, roughen a smooth surface, shape a surface or remove surface contaminants.

Glass Beads A2.png

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Anti-graffiti coatings are protective treatments applied to surfaces to prevent or minimize the impact of graffiti. These coatings serve as a barrier between the surface and graffiti materials, making it easier to remove unwanted markings. 

Contec Conservation Technology Disovery - Anti Graffiti_edited.jpg
Conservation Technology - CONTEC AG q.png

Prepare your walls properly before using an acid cleaner for the best results

There are various techniques and methods that can be used to remove graffiti depending on the respective anti-graffiti system and possibly the spray paint used.


  • Solvent-based strippers must be applied. Depending on the type of product and the exposure time of the spray paint, the surface is usually cleaned with a high-pressure, hot water or hot steam cleaner.

  • If necessary, other chemical, effective cleaning products or solvents with similar processing techniques can also be used.

  • Blasting, just like high pressure steam, is generally only suitable on well-protected surfaces. While low-pressure wet blasting, micro-mist blasting technology can also be applied to unprotected surfaces.

  • Manual cleaning is possible, in particular, on smooth surfaces by using chemical cleaning agents.

  • To remove graffiti, especially on cultural-historical, valuable substrates, laser technology can possibly be used for cleaning.


Always observe the stipulated personal protective equipment during all cleaning work, which also applies to the legal requirements for the disposal of waste water or waste.

Our Products

Our Products


Graffiti remover - Bitumen Removal - Paste


Dissolves bituminous sprays and
coatings, silver spray, crayons and
much more.

AG 3.png

Graffiti remover - Liquid - Non porous surfaces

AG 3

A specially formulated blend of solvents developed to remove all forms of graffiti from non-porous surfaces


Graffiti remover - Liquid - Graffiti shadow removal

SL1 Shadow Lifter

A specially formulated alkaline cleaner for the removal of stubborn graffiti shadow from brickwork.


Graffiti remover - Paint Remover - Gel


Remmers AGE Paint & Graffiti Remover


Graffiti remover - Gel - Porous surfaces

AG 4

A specially formulated blend of solvents and biodegradable detergents developed to remove graffiti from more porous or extensively vandalised surfaces where a longer 'dwell time' is required

Shadow Chaser.png

Graffiti remover - Liquid - Graffiti shadow removal

Shadow Chaser

Corrosive formulation for the removal of graffiti shadows.


Graffiti remover - Liquid - Sensitive surfaces

AG 2

A specially formulated blend of solvents developed to remove all forms of graffiti from sensitive surface and anti graffiti coatings 

Blitz Super Gel.png

Graffiti remover - Gel - Porous surfaces


Effective graffiti removing solution for aerosol paints, leather dyes and permanent markers. 

Anti-Graffiti System Bag.png

Graffiti remover - Paint Remover - Test Kit Bag

Scheidel Graffiti Test Kit Bag

Scheidel Graffiti Removal bag with various graffiti removal samples.

Graffiti Protection

Graffiti Protection
Conservation Technology - CONTEC AG q.png

Waterproofing - Exterior - Sealer - Anti-Graffiti

Contec AG

Coating is a specially formulated
single-pack external coating designed to give effective
protection against both fly-posting and graffiti.

USP 100 Contec.png

Waterproofing - Impregnation - Anti-Graffiti

Impregnation Treatment

[USP-100] Impregnation Treatment impregnation prevents ingress of most types of urban contamination, including oils and graffiti to wall, paving and roof, porous building substrates.

Remmers Graffiti Protection - Graffiti Schutz - Remmers AGO.png

Waterproofing - Exterior - Impregnation - Anti-Graffiti - Sacrificial 

Graffiti Protection

[Remmers AGO] Aqueous, semi-permanent impregnation agent on an alkylalkoxysilane/wax base for protection against graffiti.

Funcosil AG.jpg

Waterproofing - Damp Proofing - Interior - Exterior - Impregnation - Anti-Graffiti

Funcosil AG

Oleophobic and hydrophobic protective impregnation

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