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Pre-Mix Mortar
THE REABILITA CAL AC FINO is a dry mortar, formulated from natural hydraulic lime, intended for the execution of fine finishes with excellent vapor permeability in solutions for renovation and rehabilitation of old coatings.


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  • THE REABILITA CAL AC FINO it is used as a finish in the conservation and rehabilitation of the building, namely when fine finishes are sought in the recovery of interior or exterior coatings of old buildings, which require high levels of water vapor permeability. The use of the binder Cal Hydraulic Natural and its special composition results in an excellent physical-chemical behaviour and mechanical performance in the connection with the different materials that make up this type of substrates. THE REABILITA CAL AC FINO constitutes the phase of fine finishing of the line rehabilitation scheme REHABILTA CAL, products formulated exclusively from Natural Hydraulic Lime. As these are specific situations in each rehabilitation work, our Technical Services should be consulted when selecting the product.