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Pre-Mix Mortar
The Secil Cal RJ is a pre-dosed dry mortar, formulated with Natural Hydraulic Lime, criteriously selected siliceous and lime aggregates and additions, for the re-pointing of joints in ancient masonry substrates. It features special adhesion and durability properties, particularly adapted to the function it was designed for.


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  • THE REABILITA CAL RJ it is used in restoration works and aesthetic rehabilitation of old exposed masonry when it is intended to respect the original aspect of that constructive element, by filling in the joints between the elements. Its physico-chemical characterization allows it to perform optimally in terms of adhesion on the different types of stone elements that constitute the supports of this nature. THE REABILITA CAL RJ it is a mortar whose application presupposes its direct exposure to precipitation water, therefore, its composition includes additions of specific agents to improve its water-repellent properties, guaranteeing the breathing of the wa