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Scheidel DryStrip Alkaline is the new, innovative Abbeizer generation. Through the use of special fillers "dried " The paint remover in paste form from the surface from and thus binds the pickled paint and varnish layers. If the Scheidel DryStrip Alkaline Trockenabbeizer the optimum release point from being a pickle without smearing is possible. Scheidel DryStrip Alkaline is due to its Solvent-free environmentally friendly, resource-saving and odourless Alternative to conventional paint strippers. The pickling of lead and pollutant containing coating, it can be bound by the paste form of the Trockenabbeizers and thus enables to reduce the emission of pollutants.

Drystrip Alkaline

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  • Solvent-free, odourless Stripper, binds dissolved layers of paint and varnish in paste form, making stripping possible without smearing. Free for sale. Neutralization with Neutra-S.

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