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Zero yellowing glue in the practical cartridge format. The extreme bonding strength and maximum color stability in sunlight make it ideal for visible multi-material bonding both indoors and outdoors.

Tenax Glaxs Original 2+1

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Color: Clear
  • Glaxs Original 2+1 is a two-component glue for visible bonding characterized by excellent adhesion. Used to glue natural stone, quartz agglomerate and ceramics. Invisible bonding with zero yellowing. Practicality, strength and speed for multimaterial bonding at 45°. Wide range of colors and match colors with the main brands of agglomeration and ceramics. The product is packaged in special 215 ml 2:1 ratio bi-cartridges. The two chambers of the cartridge include resin and hardener already pre-dosed. With the help of a special mixer spout and appropriate gun, it allows the correct dosage of the components without any effort The hardened product has a smooth, shiny and well polishable surface. For indoor and outdoor.

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