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Solid glue, available in colored and transparent versions, extra strong and quick hardening, is characterized by low yellowing and excellent color stability. Multi-material, soft and easy to spread, it is ideal for visible gluing and coupling.

Tenax Titanium Solido

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Color: Extra Clear
  • Titanium Solido is an epoxy vinylester acrylate mastic formulated to glue and laminate marble, granite, quartz and ceramic. Extra strong and fast, stable to sunlight. It is very fast, very soft, does not lose verticality after mixing with the catalyst and has excellent color and excellent spreadability. It is characterized by having an excellent adhesion on very short times (25-35 min), thus allowing a workability of the glued pieces in a very short time even at low temperature. The polymerized glue has a very smooth, shiny surface and with good sandability and polishability. To obtain the best color after polymerization, it is recommended to use an amount of peroxide paste not exceeding 1%.

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