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Oxystrip | Scheidel
Oxystrip is a completely novel paint stripper, CHC-free (chlorinated hydrocarbon) on aqueous basis with alcohol and active oxygen.
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Oxystrip can be used in internal and external areas. Oxystrip distinguishes itself due to its special dissolving qualities. The paint stripper penetrates the coating to be removed and separates it from the substrate by generating oxygen. Separated paint layers fall off or can be pushed off easily.

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1K paints, oil paints, glazes, dispersion paints, plastic plaster, latex paints, adhesives, PU foam, fiberglass wallpaper, waxes and much more.

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Drystrip Allround

Dissolves emulsion paints, latex paints, 1K paints.


1K ​​paints, 2K paints eg PU, epoxy, stoving and powder paints, fillers, fire protection coatings.

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Strip Away LV

An environmentally safer paint remover because it DOES NOT contain Methylene Chloride or caustic and is chemically more in harmony with the environment.

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AG 2

A specially formulated blend of solvents developed to remove all forms of graffiti from sensitive surface and anti graffiti coatings 


SL1 Shadow Lifter

Graffiti shadow ad ghost remover

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SG 94

Dissolves emulsion paints, latex paints, acrylates, plastic plaster, adhesives, PU foam.

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Drystrip Alkaline 

Dissolves oil paints, alkyd resin
paints, glazes and red lead.


Tavec 201 is a biodegradable multiple layer paint stripper, formulated for removal of most paint types, urethanes and other coatings.



Very low-odour paint stripper binds loosened paint and varnish layers in paste form, making stripping possible without smearing.

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AG 3

Alkali-free stripping agent, removes graffiti and paint


Shadow Chaser

Graffiti shadow ad ghost remover



Universally suitable for removing 1K and 2K paints, PU paints, epoxy and powder coatings, adhesives and all paints based on oil paints, alkyd resin and dispersions.



Aqueous paints (acrylic base), epoxy, glue, 2K paints, oil paints (limited).

Strip Away.jpg

The product is a viscous, poultice paste utilising water-soluble sodium hydroxide as the highly alkaline active ingredient to break down and liquefy multiple layers of paint in a single application


Remmers AGE Paint & Graffiti Remover

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AG 4

A specially formulated blend of solvents and biodegradable detergents developed to remove graffiti from more porous or extensively vandalised surfaces where a longer 'dwell time' is required

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