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Creating a child friendly Nursery

Updated: Jan 17

Painting cots, toys & nursery furniture

Revitalizing your favorite furniture, or even those neglected pieces, through painting is a simple and budget-friendly endeavor. Yet, when it comes to painting furniture intended for children and babies, should there be a distinct approach?

Eggshell No.17 both hold certification attesting to their safety for use on children's toys and furniture.

Primarily, there are several motivations for painting nursery furniture, such as cribs and toys:

  1. Creating a child friendly and healthy envirnoment

  2. Infusing character into newly purchased items.

  3. Coordinating furniture to complement a specific color scheme.

  4. Restoring a family heirloom or a cherished item.

  5. Matching the furniture with your child's favorite colors.

However, not all paints are suitable for children's furniture, necessitating some preliminary research. Given that young children and infants often explore the world through putting objects in their mouths, it is crucial to ensure that the coating used is safe for such contact. One reliable method is to verify if a product adheres to the Safety of Toys Standards (EN71:3). For a comprehensive understanding of this standard, refer to this informative article.

Many modern furniture paints also contain high levels of acrylics and vinyl, which although help to make it more hardwearing, aren’t so good for little ones, or indeed the environment. All Earthborn paints are free from oil, acrylic and vinyl and importantly don’t give off any nasty smells or emissions being virtually VOC free too. This is helpful when painting because you don’t have to worry about paint fumes, and also reassuring when used on children’s items.

Another thing to consider is how durable a finish is. Of course, toys are designed to be played with and not just to look good; and the same goes for kid’s items like tables, chairs and cots – they are all subject to a lot of wear and tear! The more durable of our two child-safe paints is Eggshell No.17 because it has a hardwearing soft sheen finish that can be wiped.

Application method:

1. To Preperation

Preparation is the cornerstone of a successful furniture and toy painting endeavor. Begin by lightly sanding any glossy surfaces or existing coatings to achieve a matte finish that is ready for painting. It's advisable to conduct this process outdoors, away from children and pets, and always wear a face mask.

2. Primer - Optional. (Eggshell No.17)

Now, the question arises: to prime or not to prime? While using a primer is not strictly necessary it proves beneficial when applying our Eggshell No.17. Our Multi-Purpose Primer facilitates paint adhesion to the surface, ensuring a more durable finish.

3. Painting

When it's time to paint, after selecting the ideal finish for your projects and having your favorite colors at the ready, be sure to adhere to the instructions on the tin for a successful paint application. In general, our Eggshell No.17 is best applied with a synthetic brush and requires two full coats.

4. Maintenance

Given that Eggshell is a washable paint, you have the flexibility to regularly clean the surface using any child-friendly cleaner or sanitizers. In the event of any damage to the paint, a simple solution is to apply a new coat to restore its appearance.

Products Used:

Earthborn Eggshell No.17

Earthborn Multi-Purpose Primer

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