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Diesel, Petrol and Oil Cleaning

Driveway, Garage Floors, Warehouse Floors, Roads

The automotive industry is constantly dealing with the likes of oil, grease, diesel, soot and other forms of mechanical/industrial soiling. For the average person, we would find these sorts of stains forming from our cars in our driveway/garage or our workshop/shed. These stains are generally very difficult to clean and many would attempt to clean with dish soap and water but there always seems to be a horrible dark stain printed onto the floor.

It is important to remove these imbedded stains as over time these stains can begin to weaken and breakdown some floors causing the floor to loosen and chunks of floor to come out.

Specially formulated chemicals like Remmers Oil and Grease Remover & Tilt Cleaner are used to clean out these stubborn stains and prevent further erosion. There are steps that can be taken to further protect your flooring from this kind of contamination. Floor protection like Impregnations and sealers will prevent liquids from absorbing into the floor and allow you to very easily clean up the spillages.

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Remmers Oil And Grease Remover

Tilt Cleaner

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