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Efflorescence & Mortar Stain Removers

Discover the difference chemicals to remover salt and mortar stains

Efflorescence is not considered a stain but will be discussed here for identification purposes. Efflorescence is normally a harmless deposit of water-soluble, white salt crystals. In some instances efflorescence may appear on mortar joints, in limited areas on the surface of brickwork or in extreme cases, cover the entire brickwork surface. Efflorescence is usually white in colour. However, all white stains on brick masonry are not necessarily efflorescence. Lime run and white scum are occasionally mistaken for efflorescence.

We provide a series of products that are formulated to remove these stains.

[USP 800] Efflorescence Remover removes cement, concrete and mineral deposits by de-structuring cement and mineral deposits on all substrates.


[INTER 40] INTA 40 is used for the removal of efflorescent salts, cement and mortar stains from the surface of brick and sandstone.

[Clinker Cleaner] Acidic cleaner (powder) Removing mortar residues and lime and cement films.

Safety Klean is an effective, safe alternative to acidic compounds for cleaning brick, tile and concrete surfaces.

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