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Remmers Silicone resin paint system

Updated: Jul 2

The reversible alternative for moisture protection

The opaque or translucent Remmers silicone resin paint system is an alternative to the use of hydrophobising impregnations as a structural water-repelling measure. The outstanding performance of silicone resin paints is all thanks to its microporous structure.

These can be seen in their characteristic values. They achieve a diffusion resistance coefficient of around 150. This corresponds to an sd value of well below 0.10 m. As a

result, they can be said to be equivalent to conventional single-component silicate paints. The capillary water uptake of the normal paint layer achieves a low value of

0.035 kg/(m2h0.5). This corresponds to optimum protection against driving rain, which is exceeded by all silicate paints and most dispersion paints.

Greater transparency by adjusting the glaze level

The glaze level of Remmers silicone resin systems can be adjusted according to the requirements of historic preservation or the wishes of the building owner. Like genuine silicone resin emulsion paints, the binder base of Color LA Add transparent is a combination of silicone resin emulsion and pure acrylic dispersion.

Advantages of Remmers silicone resin paints and glazes

  •  Maximum water vapour permeability and minimum capillary water uptake

  • Also suitable for use on render surfaces of mortar class Plc (mortar with hydraulic lime)

  • Colours that blend in when used on historic monuments, thanks to colour-fast, inorganic pigments

  • Easy to apply by brush; stains can be applied in a wide variety of ways

  • Matt, chalk-like coating

  • No silicification and therefore no risk of narrowing, densification or clogging of the pore space

  • No interference with the carbonation reaction

  • Reversible

  • Contains film preserver for protection against algae and fungi

  • Self-cleaning (not susceptible to dirt accumulation)

  • Durable


Range of use


Primer Hydro HF (Hydro Deep Primer)

Aqueous deep primer with strengthening and

water repellent properties

  •  Strengthening

  • Evens out absorption

  • Water repelling

  • Aqueous

Primer H (Impregnation Primer)

Clear, hydrophobic, solvent-based impregnation

  • Applied as a liquid

  • Solvent-based

Color LA

“True” silicone resin paint with film preserver for

protection against algae and fungus

  • Water repelling and highly water diffusible

  •  No interference with the carbonation reaction

  •  Low-stress; matt, mineral character

  •  Not susceptible to dirt accumulation

Color LA Fill

Silicone resin filler paint

Filling “true” silicone resin paint

  •  Fibre-reinforced

  • Water repelling and highly water diffusible

  • No interference with the carbonation reaction

  • Low-stress; matt, mineral character

  • Fine-sandy, rough texture

Color SF

Silicone-resin-reinforced facade paint with film protection for surfaces prone to algae and fungi

  • Highly water-repelling

  • Highly water vapour diffusible

  • Low-stress

  • Matt, mineral character

Color LA vs Color SF: What's the difference?

The key differences between Remmers Color SF and Remmers Color LA are based on their composition and specific features:


Color SF: This is a silicone-resin-reinforced facade paint. It incorporates silicone resin but is not classified as a "true" silicone resin paint.

Color LA: This is a "true" silicone resin paint, meaning it has a higher content of silicone resin, providing superior performance characteristics.

Performance and Application:

Color SF: Offers robust film protection against algae and fungi, making it suitable for surfaces prone to biological growth. It combines the benefits of silicone resin with other components to enhance breathability, weather resistance, and color stability.

Color LA: Provides more advanced protection against algae and fungi due to its higher silicone resin content. This ensures enhanced water repellency, breathability, and durability, making it particularly effective for high-risk areas prone to infestation.

Durability and Protection:

Color SF: While offering excellent protection and durability, its reinforcement with silicone resin may make it less potent than a true silicone resin paint.

Color LA: As a true silicone resin paint, it delivers superior long-term durability, better water repellency, and more effective protection against algae and fungi.

In summary, Color LA, being a true silicone resin paint, offers higher performance in terms of water repellency, durability, and protection against biological growth compared to Color SF, which is silicone-resin-reinforced but not a pure silicone resin paint.

Products mentioned:

Primer Hydro HF (Hydro Deep Primer)

Primer H (Impregnation Primer)

Color LA (LA Silicone Paint)

Color LA Fill (Brush on Render)

Color SF (Silicon Paint SF)

Learn more about premium paint systems:

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