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Secil Eco Friendly (Natural Hydraulic Lime) Pre-Mix Range

Find out what premix lime mortars that are available

Secil offer a range of premix Natural Hydraulic Lime mortars for fast and easy lime work. It removes a lot of the labour of mixing the sand and lime yourself. It's excellent for small jobs like repointing a granite staircase filling in holes in your wall.

- Secil CAL RJ | Pointing Mortar

- Secil CAL RB | Rendering

- Secil CAL AC | Finishing Render

- Secil CAL AC FINO | Fine Finishing Render

Secil CAL RJ | Pointing Mortar

The Secil Cal RJ is a pre-dosed dry mortar, formulated with Natural Hydraulic Lime, criteriously selected siliceous and lime aggregates and additions, for the re-pointing of joints in ancient masonry substrates. It features special adhesion and durability properties, particularly adapted to the function it was designed for.

Secil CAL RB | Rendering