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Wall Painting

Intelligent & Breathable Interior Paint

Interior Paint

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Breathable | Interior | Mould Protection | Self Priming | Natural

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Eco Paint

We stock a range of eco-friendly paints from Earthborn like Clay Paint, EcoPro Emulsion and Eggshell No.17 (Wood Paint). These are all made from natural products and are virtually VOC Free so they are excellent for asthmatic people. 

Leather Sofa

Mould Prevention Paint

Our interior paints water based paints give off no harmful fumes and are perfect for painting

living areas.

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Self Priming

It is important to make sure your paint is correctly applied to a wall using a primer coat. Some paints have qualities that allow them to adhere to walls much easier. In this case, you don't need a primer coat and can paint straight onto a wall. 

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Our Products

Our Products
Claypaint Clear.png

Earthborn Selection - Interior Paint - Clay Paint  Eco - Natural - Self Priming 

Clay Paint

Non-smell, Eco and Asthma- Friendly paint


Remmers Ireland - Interior Paint - Mould Protection Paint - Self Priming 

Color SA Plus

High quality, low-emission interior wall paint with micro-silver as a film preserver for protection against fungal attack

Earthborn Emulsion Matt Clear.png

Earthborn Selection - Interior Paint - Emulsion Paint - Eco - Self Priming  

EcoPro Matt Emulsion

Ecopro Matt Emulsion is a low odour, high performance, environmentally sound alternative to conventional emulsions.

Color SH .jpg

Remmers Ireland - Interior Paint - Mineral Paint - Silicate Paint D 

Color SH

Mineral paint with fine-grained texture

Color Si.png

Remmers Ireland - Interior Paint - Washable - iQ Paint - Self Priming 

Color Si / SL

Washable silicate interior wall paint in the iQ-Therm system, free from solvents and plasticisers

Classidur Classic Golden Classic.png

Classidur Ireland - Interior Paint - Renovation Paint - Overcoat Paint - Smoke Paint

Classidur GoldenClassic Mat

An emulsion paint that is a technically superior paint for renovation and overcoating nicotine, soot, smoke and fire damage.

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