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Ceramix | Pigmented Quartz Sand
Coloured Quartz Sand
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■ By color
■ Does not contain pyrite
■ PUR coated

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RM .jpg


Multi-functional building waterproofing Combines the properties of flexible and crack-bridging mineral waterproofing grouts

Betofix R2.jpg

Betofix R2

For subsequent cellar waterproofing from the interior against ground damp, non-standing or standing seepage water, water pressure and water acting from behind

SP Prep Mortar.jpg

Clear, hydrophobising, solvent-based impregnation on a silane/siloxane base

VM Fill (Compound Mortar).jpg

VM Fill

Oleophobic and hydrophobic protective impregnation

Funcosil SNL.jpg

Funcosil SNL Odourless

Clear, hydrophobising impregnation on a silane/siloxane base with odourless solvents


Funcosil OFS

Used for treating mineral building materials 

Color PA.jpg

Color PA

High-quality, pure acrylate facade paint

Color Flex Fill .jpg

Color Flex Fill

Highly elastic primer with good filling properties

RM Pro.jpg

RM Pro

Primer for MB 2K 

Betofix R4.jpg

Betofix R4

Waterproofing mortar in a grouting and filling consistence for fast and reliable waterproofing of buildings

SP Top White.jpg

WTA-compliant restoration plaster for masonry with moisture and salt loads

Multi Fill.jpg

Multi Fill [basic]

Hydrophobising impregnation on a silane/siloxane base in aqueous emulsion form

Funcosil SL.jpg

Clear, hydrophobising impregnation agent on a silane/siloxane base for limestone

Color LA.jpg

Color LA

"True" silicone resin paint with film preservative for surfaces at risk of infestation with algae or fungi

Color PA Fill.jpg

Color PA Fill

Quartzite filled, fibre-reinforced intermediate coating for levelling out concrete surfaces

Color SH .jpg

Color SH

Mineral paint with fine-grained texture

Betofix RM.jpg

Betofix RM

Used for horizontal barriers against rising damp

Sp Levell .jpg

SP Levell

For levelling deeper lying joints and rough surfaces in masonry work

SP Top Q2.jpg

Clear, hydrophobising impregnation agent on a silane/siloxane base for limestone

Funcosil SNL.jpg

Clear, hydrophobising, solvent-based impregnation on a silane/siloxane base


Funcosil FC

For hydrophobizing impregnation of porous, cementitious building materials such as brick, clinker, sand-lime .Etc.

Color LA Fill .jpg

Color LA Fill

"True" silicone resin paint with filling properties

Color Flex.jpg

Color Flex

Highly elastic facade coating

Color Si.png

Color Si

Washable silicate interior wall paint in the iQ-Therm system, free from solvents and plasticisers

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