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Structural Repair Tools

Helifix Crack Stitching Kit Contec .png

Helifix HeliBar Insertion Tool

Helifix (Leviat)


Used with crack stitching system for bedding in Helibars

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Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet
Pointing Tool
Safety Data Sheet B

Related Products

Helibond Grout.jpg

Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Crack Stitching - Epoxy Grout 

HeliBond Grout

HeliBond is an injectable, non-shrink, thixotropic, cementitious grout that rapidly develops compressive strength.

Helifix Movement Joints square.png

Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Helical Stainless Steel Bars

Movement Joints

Helifix HeliBar stainless steel helical bars in conjunction with plastic debonding sleeves can be used to create a movement joint in an existing wall.


Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Remedial Ties - Masonry Ties


CemTie is a versatile, fully grouted, remedial helical tie used to stabilize all forms of solid masonry, secure failed lintels and brick rings, reconnecting separated internal and external building walls and repair parapets.

Helifix Crack Stitching Kit Contec .png

Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Crack Stitching Kit

Crack Stitching Kit

Helifix Crack Stitching Kit - Provides everything you need for quick repairs and stabilizes cracked masonry.

Helifix Drill Bits.png

Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Drilling

Drill Bits

Helifix Masonry Drill Bits


Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Wall Ties - Polyester Resin

PolyPlus Resin

PolyPlus is a general purpose, two part, nozzle-mixed polyester resin for securing remedial wall ties and resin bonded anchors.


Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Retrofit Ties - Timber Ties


BowTie is a long stainless steel retrofit helical tie used for stabilizing bowing / bulging walls, without any external plates, by securing and anchoring them to internal floor and ceiling joists.


Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Rapid Pinning - Remedial Ties


DryFix is a slim, versatile and rapidly installed mechanical pinning and remedial tying system that requires no resin, grout or mechanical expansion.

Helifix Pointing Gun .png

Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Pointing Joints

Pointing Gun

Use HeliBond Grout with Manual Pointing Gun

Power Driver Attachment - DryFix.png

Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Drilling

Power Driver

For installing the DryFix pinning and tying system; InSkew warm roof batten fixing; TurboFast timber/MDF to masonry fixing


Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Helical Stainless Steel Bars


Helical stainless steel reinforcing bar, with substantial tensile properties, used for strengthening and stabilizing masonry in both new build and remedial situations.


Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Retrofit Ties - Timber Ties

BowTie HD

Heavy Duty Remedial ties for restraining bowed walls.

Helifix SockFix.png

Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Sock Anchor


Extensive range of mechanical grouted sock anchor systems for stabilising damaged masonry

Contec Conservation Technology 2 -  Helifix HeliBar Insertion Tool.png

Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Pointing Tool - Insertion Tool

HeliBar Insertion Tool

HeliBar Insertion Tool is used to push the helibars ino place.

Conservation Technology - Helifix Pinning Nozzle.png

Helifix (Leviat) - Structural Repair - Pinning Nozzle

Pinning Nozzle

CemTie pinning nozzles are available in 15.0mm diameters and the length is made to suit the CemTie. The cone nozzle must be drilled out to accept the 15mm pinning nozzle.

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