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Earthborn Silicate Masonry Paint

Highly Breathable & Weather Resistant Exterior Paint

Our breathable and weather resistant paint for exterior walls. A durable and highly breathable alternative to conventional masonry paints and limewash that dries to a classic, matt finish.

What is Silicate Masonry Paint?

Silicate masonry paint, also known as mineral paint or mineral silicate paint, is a type of paint specifically designed for use on masonry surfaces such as concrete, brick, stone, or stucco. Unlike conventional paints that form a surface layer, silicate masonry paint chemically bonds with the mineral substrate, creating a durable and long-lasting finish.

The key components of silicate masonry paint are water glass (potassium or sodium silicate) and inorganic pigments. When applied to a masonry surface, the paint reacts with the mineral content of the substrate, forming a permanent bond. This chemical reaction allows the paint to become an integral part of the masonry surface rather than just sitting on top like conventional paints.

Some of the benefits of silicate masonry paint include:

  1. Breathability: Silicate masonry paint is highly breathable, allowing water vapor to pass through the paint film. This property helps prevent moisture buildup within the masonry, reducing the risk of mold or decay.

  2. Durability: The chemical bond formed between the paint and the mineral substrate makes it extremely durable and resistant to weathering, UV rays, and environmental pollutants.

  3. Fire resistance: Silicate masonry paint is inherently fire-resistant due to its mineral composition, providing an added layer of protection to the masonry surface.

  4. Color stability: The inorganic pigments used in silicate masonry paint are UV stable, ensuring that the paint's color remains vibrant over time without fading.

  5. Eco-friendly: Silicate masonry paint is considered environmentally friendly as it contains no harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and has a minimal environmental impact.

Silicate masonry paint is commonly used in historic building restoration and conservation projects due to its ability to protect and enhance the appearance of traditional masonry materials. It is also used in modern construction for its superior durability and eco-friendly properties.

When applying silicate masonry paint, it is essential to prepare the surface properly to ensure a good bond. Additionally, since it chemically reacts with the substrate, the choice of colors may be limited compared to conventional paint options. Therefore, it's crucial to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for proper application.

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